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PROPHETIC WORD FROM THE LORD 8/18/2016 - Dana Peters-Colley

Dream - 8/17/2016

I had a dream - in it a Jewish man was in a place. It felt old, where he was and I knew I was in a home inside of Israel.  The man behaved toward me - unfriendly, disturbed that I was there. He was frustrated at my presence because I was a Christian. I told him we were the 10 1/2 tribes - coming back.

He left.

There was another Jewish man. He was trying to put up a block - it was across a wide window - boards that were connected together - to cover. He was using a block - and what should have been the size of a staple gun to attach it to keep what was coming from coming in, instead, he had a giant metal staple - that was about four inches tall - and very thick. It would break everything around it if he hammered it in.

I pulled it down and looked at him. He didn't know what he was doing.

I woke up.

Interpretation of the dream - came the following morning - 8/18/2016

I have placed this much strength inside the Jews. This is a dream for Israel - what I am doing with Israel. Leadership does not understand why the Christians would come and stand with them. You are seeing how strong they are - what I give them holds stronger than what is there. The strength to hold it in is greater than what is held up.

My comments:

A few years ago, I received a teaching - about the 10 1/2 tribes of Israel. Only half the tribe of Benjamin and the tribe of Judah stayed in Israel, and became the Jews. The remaining 10 1/2 tribes went north, and eventually went into all the earth. This is the Israel that Jesus came to retrieve. Anyone who accepts Christ is drawn by the Holy Spirit and becomes part of the Kingdom. God wants all saved. However, there was a specific assignment of retrieving the ones that descend from Abraham through Jacob. That is the assignment of Jesus on earth, to restore us to the Kingdom that is eternal.

The Word - since I was a Christian, inside the "house" with the Jewish man - God will protect the house and those within, and He has assigned the Jewish brethren to protect and hold up what comes against Israel now.

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