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I am equipping in order to reposition my people says the Lord. You will see O people as never before. I, the Lord, open your eyes wider as I now get you ready to be allowed to enter into the new realm, the new land, the new place I bring to you now. It will be a different assignment than the one you planned.

You will not be able to resist Me, says the Lord, any longer for I now move and shift you in order to position you for greater when I open your eyes you will see into these places and see what I release in order to take possession of the land. I get you ready. I will not stop this - once it begins this will continue for there are greater and higher places I want you to go.

Get ready O church. Get ready. The hour has finally arrived where your re-enforcements have been sent. You will sense new vitality, new purpose, new plans, as I awaken the people from their sleep and distress their hour in order that they turn from where they have fled and come into their assignment place.

Now go.


I awoke early - about 5 a.m. and could sense the Spirit of the Lord hovering to meet with me.  He has been working with the body of Christ for several years, moving people into other locations and other positions in order to set the house of God up into a mightier place of revelation and assignment. We will be taking many steps for the preparation as the Bride of Christ, to become without spot or blemish, in order to fulfill the last day assignments. He has a new way He is now doing life for us - and we cannot cling to the old way, as it will fall flat on its face in this season. He is going to download - impartations - across the body - into the minds and spirits of His people in order to get them into their assignment places. Do not despair. He has this all at hand, and in His hands, to create the most beautiful work in the history of mankind, to get the Bride where she needs to be.

We will be tested, but our trials will be less severe if we are totally surrendered - and this comes through the equipping of the Saints that He is now doing. Get your house - you personally - your house is you - get your house in order, Saints. Find other believers that nurture you and the assignment that God has for you.

Do not listen to the fears of the enemy, speaking through those around you who might try and take you out of position. Listen to the Holy Spirit, and the peace that He will bring in the midst of world tribulations. You are on assignment. You are a righteous warrior and a beautiful piece of design before God, our Maker, the Father, God Almighty, the One who has created you and is not defined by man, but defines man through the blood of His Son, Christ the Lord.


Dana Peters-Colley