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We are in the throws - the places through - where we will be dramatically changed into the people we were destined to be. God is building up the army now. He is getting His Lieutenants and His Corporals ready to enter into the place where they will step into their places of assignment now. This is a word for the Americas. The land has been dry and the wind shifts have caused many to be displaced but I the Lord am placing My Lieutenants to strategize the plan. Do not despair that you are not Generals - it takes many battles to make one into a leader in God's army. I am shifting many now. You will see more moving and taking their places into the greatest shift the earth has seen. I see all of the body of Christ as one color - they are the color of the blood of Jesus Christ. He paid the price to have you as the children of His Kingdom - for I have given it over to Him for His rule.

There is coming a time - a time of great visitation. I the Lord get it ready to pour out My Spirit. You will walk in greater and greater revelation and visitation until I the Lord destroy all of your enemies. These are spirits that are fallen angels and they do not go lightly but must be thrown out by men who recognize their assignment as well as their station. Do not be alarmed that it is men. I build them for these kinds of wars and I lead women into the battles as Wisdom comes into the house. She speaks and it is done for her. She abides. She tends. She imparts her revelation and the men go forth and build. I have created a way it works and I change My order for no man, no kingdom, no rule, no law. I Am the Lord. The men will be shifting now across all the Americas. This is North and South. A rising up is coming that will shift the whole earth and the way it does is through commerce. I am going to accelerate some things to take back what the dragon has come and stolen from My America. You will see the enemy fall. You will see his buildings crumble. You will see this as a sign to you O America that I the Lord restore you and build you up again.

The enemy comes as a lion - a raw force to eat, ravage, and destroy. I come as the lamb. I rest. I tend. I graze in pastures not made of earthen hands. When the enemy sets forth his plan, if you learn to abide and wait for Me, I will change your night into day. It comes with a plan put into place before all was created. Remember, I the Lord knew. I am the Word made flesh. I saw it and already took it into My hands. I have you wrapped and gifted for your assignments.

Learn to trust in Me. I will guide you and even when it hurts -- give Me everything you value, know you can trust Me with all you are. Now go.


Often, when the Lord is speaking and I am listening, I will understand what He is talking about at a much deeper level. Today, He is speaking about assignments for men in the area of finance. A principality that has targeted American wealth is about to be destroyed.  A competing demon has been stealing for three decades. It has claimed to be America -- with its destiny and future -- but the Lord is going to strike it down - I am seeing a vision of a bowling ball being thrown were perfect precision to strike it down. The sign will be large buildings crumbling.

We are being prepared for the greatest awakening known to man. It will hit all stratas, spheres of influence, races, colors, genders, and people groups. From this place of authority, you will see the earth shift and the influence worldwide with a massive global body of believers that has never been experienced on the earth. Now go.


Dana Peters-Colley