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As we shift into this next season, it will be glorious before you. There are aheads - which means that I the Lord give a directive - a spoken word that implants itself now into the nations - and when I speak this word says the Lord, it lays itself into the body of the Lord, and implants itself down to the foundations of the earth, and I the Lord get the body prepared and begin sowing it into the soil as a seed, the soil being the place of your hearts and your minds and your spirits, says the Lord.

I will begin this new work in this new season, says the Lord. You will find yourself getting the body ready as never before. You will find that you can no longer stand still, but are there, preparing the world for this great shift, this great work that I the Lord now do.

Say to the wind, move; and say to the House, stand; and say to the water, shift. It will be a way I Am going to do this now, says the Lord. I Am the Lord of the Harvest. I will bring in the tender ones, and the broken ones, and the air will not be the same over the regions that I plant My Spirit, says the Lord. It will be a new day and a new hour. You will not see as before O Earth. You will see as I the Lord bring down heaven and I the Lord bring down the men who have stood against Me and against the plans that I have in the body of Christ.

Do not despair. Do not get your homes in a flurry. You will be given what I have for you - a new House will arise from within the old House - this is the body of Christ - this is the real body that I raise up now. I awaken the bride and the regional shift now will pull down heaven. A New Awakening begins. You will see the wind bring down the planted ones. This is going to happen in the areas I Am dismantling. You will see the wind shake the earth, the earth that is dry and parched in the region of the North. I Am going to destroy what has been destroying My people says the Lord.

I have heard your prayers O America. I have heard your groans, O cities of defeat. Yet, I Am not done with America. Her regeneration - the tribulations that have befallen this fallen woman, America, she will rise up. She will raise her sight. She will see again, and begin to see that she is in need of a Savior. She will not allow what has gone on with her children to go forth any longer. I Am coming in as a wind, as a Mighty Wind that I the Lord bring through the land and she will no longer be a wilderness of evil, but it will be destroyed with the good I now bring down. You will see that I am the Lord. You will see that I Am the Holy One of Israel. You will see that I will not fail you, nor fail to see you in this hour and in the land of My people, I Am going to shift their sight to the place that I Am taking them in the hours ahead.

Now go.

Prophetic insight:  The Lord has spoken this word during Purim, when the Jewish community remembers the salvation of the Lord during the time of Esther.  The parallel that the Lord showed me is that Queen Esther needed deliverance for her people from the evils that came to destroy them through a man named Haman.  Through the wisdom of her uncle, Mordecai, and through her own wisdom of submission - and the power of fasting - she overcame her enemy and her people Israel were saved.  

The Lord will be bringing down His Spirit in three ways that He spoke here -  Wind - move; House - stand; Water, shift.  There will be physical winds that are going to blow into regions we have not seen before. These winds are going to destroy the enemy in their midst. God is dealing regionally and nationally with the afflictions that have been hitting us by the enemy's target against our families, our households, and our corporate affiliations. These areas have been targets but now they will be taken down by the Lord.  

Secondly, the House - this is the body of Christ and the Lord is directing us to stand. At times, He will show us we are seated in heavenly places, but this is not that time. This is the time to rise up - to stand up for righteousness - in your assemblies, schools, work places, any area where you are led to serve - stand up and the Lord will lead you - as you stay inside of His methods. Ask for signs - you can do that - He will send them as you step out and stand for what is right - He will go before this now as never before. There will be a great shift as He topples over the enemy (I just saw a vision of a table being turned over - for the offense of the Lord is great - and He will give you the power to stand now as never before).

Finally, Water - shift. The sinking of the enemy in our Spiritual Houses - the way the enemy has taken the body - the Lord is shifting how He is bringing forth the body of Christ into this hour. You are going to see the turn America - and the House of the Lord will again become one of sanctification and the blood that the Savior paid will not be in vain but will be applied now as you turn toward the direction the Lord is leading you. The shift is going to continue in this way, closer and closer, until our Messiah comes.  This is the way the Lord is now leading us out of where we have been and into where He is going to take control of the hour and the time and the way we as the body of Christ are connected and combined now.  

Get ready. It is going to take some of you out of your regions and into a new place, says the Lord. You are going to sense and know who and what is evil in your midst as never before, and you will be able to call forth righteousness into the earth like it has not come down before because this assignment that comes down now is filled with great power and great anointing and great miracles as you will see the body stand and become the Bride that the Lord created her to be.  

Now go.


Dana Peters-Colley