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Dana Peters-Colley

GLOBAL PROPHETIC WORD  January 22, 2014 - 21 Shevat 5774

The shift I the Lord am bringing, it is going to be a shaking as no other. There will not be a standing now, as the hour awaits for My coming says the Lord. Get your houses ready. Get your dancers in the midst, and I am going to awaken the provision to pour out of heaven now as never before. I the Lord am going into all the ways of man. I am going to assemble the ones who have fulfilled My requests. You are going to dance, O body and I am the Lord who does the moves. You will see the great awakening now. You will fill your days with My ways says the Lord. Get yourselves ready. I am coming down and I the Lord will bring down a mighty covenant as I come. It will increase with those I am bringing forth. They will plead the blood and it will shower power into the atmosphere as never before. I am the God of many. I am the God of the great igniting now in the earth.

There will be moves - there will be an assembling. There will be freedom in the house again. I am going to bring a new freedom you have not felt O earth. I am going to release the bondages. I see My people. I see them and they call to Me says the Lord. I am getting ready for the new ones that I the Lord have brought into the Kingdom. I am going to bring them into the march. It will be a flow - a walk - a journey - a march. They will submit as I the Lord am done with the body being irreverent. I am going to bring a new mantle of reverence to the body of Christ now. You are going to watch as I the Lord bring this down.

I know My Bride. I know the hour. I know the day. I know the earth and how I created it says the Lord. You will not delay but will challenge yourself to come up higher now. I am getting all the earth ready. Get prepared. It will be a great awakening - in this season, the harvest will come in as never before. I am going to sweep them in. They will not be challenged by their coming. They will see that I the Lord am shifting the way the church is moving and it is going to dance, to sing, to play, to harbor My heart says the Lord. I am going to shift some things in your lifetimes. I am going to awaken you as never before and you will see that I am doing this new dance, this pronounced move of the body of Christ in a way that will bring restoration and culmination and you will see that I am the Lord, mighty and in control of all heaven and earth.

Now go.


God is bringing a shaking as no other - so that we can become what He needs us to be in this hour. He describes the body of Christ - the Bride - and who she is becoming. Reverence - which is honor and can be “profound adoring awed respect”. He is bringing restoration and culmination - meaning to reach the end or final result of something.  The body of Christ has been changing - and this shift is to get us ready for where the Lord is going next - with many sweeping in now, and the Bride of Christ - the body of believers around the earth - being restored and reaching the end result that the Lord is preparing us for. We are to become the Bride without spot or blemish, shifting our focus to what pleases the Father.


Dana Peters-Colley