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Dana Peters-Colley

6 Shevat 2014 - January 6, 2014

(the night came - and so, the day moved to the next. Both days, sitting on the number 6, the number for man - and also both years on 4 - the number of selflessness. Man must become selfless in this season if he is going to receive the opportunities the Lord wants to pour out.)


The Spirit of prophecy, which is the Spirit of Christ, is going to rain down now. Get ready. You will have new words to give that you will be using to equip now and it will wash the body of Christ as never before. You will stand and you will be armed as never before in order to do what I the Lord bring. Now go.


I the Lord am getting ready for some great shifts to take place. All that see Me will understand and sense that I am changing things in the earth. There will be a strike of night - and it will bring in the rains of the east - but I am getting ready to snap what the enemy has been bringing to the west - and I am going to shift her ways so that she will not decrease but that she will see the ways I am bringing her into are up, are increasing her in more of a defined walk and I the Lord get the house ready as the enemy will not stand in America as he has. I do not listen to others. I am the Lord. I am the One who has brought forth majesty and recognition. I have brought forth destruction and desire. I have brought down regimes. I have raised up Kings and I have brought them low.

I am getting ready to bring My desire into the earth, says the Lord. You will not see the shadows of former years, as I the Lord get ready and prepare greatness for those who carry My glory. I am going to increase. I am going to come down in the hours ahead and I am going to show the time to be what I have called it to be. Get your house in order church. Do not despair. I have all in My hands. I am not in despair over the days and times. I am getting My house ready to pour out.  We will not stand any longer to see what comes. It will come as you speak it into existence. You are reigning as you have not brought it low but I have brought you down in order to achieve what I am bringing into your midst. This place, this shift, it will bring a new fold to Me, the Lord. I am getting your houses ready now to receive more of Me. I am getting your hearts prepared to receive more of My ways, says the Lord. I will not stop in this season, as I need a great increase to come into the body now, as I say stand. I say arise. I say get up O church as never before. I am coming soon. I am going to break the back of the enemy when I come and he will not be sure what has been happening, but I am going to show you great things in the hours ahead. There are many coming now. There are many coming and crying to Me, the Lord, as their despair comes and increases. I will show the earth My glory and it will be a rising that I bring now. Now go.

Blessings dear brothers and sisters,

Dana Peters-Colley