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Dana Peters-Colley

27 Kislev 5774 - November 30, 2013

The Protection over America will come with two strikes. You will not see this in the papers. It will bring down the enemy in His own plans. Get ready America. Be listening. When I tell you or urge you to go, listen and heed My Words says the Lord.



I Am getting ready to pour out heaven. Chaos in the streets of large cities. They will not with stand what I bring as it is mighty now, Worshipper. You are seeing great. You see. You sit in the throne room and I the Lord bring before you the image - a window and you see the massive things going on in the earth (it appeared as a window, larger than the biggest screen TV - but it was real and not images on a screen)  What do you see? (I see devastation and two large buildings swaying and people below running back and forth, not knowing which direction to go). Chicago is next. This is a mighty shaking and I the Lord destroy what with holds My people from their purpose.

The King must come. My Kingdom must rule. The enemy has stood in black sand calling it white. I am coming to chasten and shake the nation with a move of God so powerful. It will not stand. Before Me it will not be raised up. I the Lord do this thing - this mighty thing now. There is no turning back. You are going to stand before Me, America. I call forth shield and power of My might, says the Lord. I Am going to raise it up now - the shield. I Am bringing up and it will stand and it will with stand.

The hour is great O America. this is the time - I the Lord will make a new hour now. You are being prepared as I will not have My land - and America was given to Me, the Lord. It was a sovereign act and has shielded many a soul - and now - it will not be taken as I the Lord come as the Destroyer.

I come to conquer

and I come to quake

and I come to shake

and I come to wash

and I come to blow

and I come to rule

and I come to reign

and I get you ready O America to stand

and with stand what comes now.

Blow O winds!

Blow O winds!

Blow from the East.

Blow from the North.

There will be two cities I the Lord bring to nought. Get listening. Get your spirit listening for I am the God of Heaven and Earth. You will now see from your place - your resting place in Me how I come to annoint you, how I come to destroy your enemies from right before your eyes. I Am the Lord your God.

Now go.


O MIGHTY SAINTS!  Be praying for the Lord's perfect will with the least amount of wrath possible. Be praying for the city of CHICAGO - for the Lord spoke of this at the beginning. I saw a city with two very tall sky scrapers and they stand with a street between them. They have dark metal exteriors with large, wide, rectangular windows all the way up and down, in even amounts. They are very tall buildings. Each one is a little bit different than the other.  I have not seen them in the natural, but in the Spirit. Pray that the Saints in those cities to go, heed, and listen as the Lord has said.

Pray, pray, pray for America!  Pray the Lord come mighty and with the shield over America. Pray that His full power come and restore America now. In Jesus Yeshua's Name. He does nothing by coincidence.

I want you to remember that when the Lord showed me Dallas burning a few years back, it was your prayers that protected that city from being consumed. It was the greatest fire in Texas history, yet, Dallas was spared - because of YOUR PRAYERS. The Lord shared with me 100,000 homes were spared - so now, He is giving us a city name, Chicago. We can pray the Lord's perfect will but with the least amount of wrath possible, and the LORD'S MERCY FOR CHICAGO.  There are two cities, but I only have one of the names.

The Lord spoke that He was bringing SHIELD and POWER of HIS MIGHT. I believe this is going to be what protects us in the hours ahead. We are being raised up to pull heaven down to do mighty exploits now. This is very much a NOW WORD. The Lord is giving us what we need to do this work in the earth. He will raise us up as we are faithful to carry the Cross in our lives, and willing to lay our lives down for the assignments ahead in the Earth.

God is not finished with America - He is restoring America and will do this work in the Earth in order to carry forth His plan. Get your prayers up Saints. Pray for America. Pray and see what our God will do.  Ask the Lord to give you the SHIELD and POWER of HIS MIGHT and be ready to operate in the Spirit now. Remember, When I tell you or urge you to go, listen and heed My Words says the Lord.


Dana Peters-Colley

God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7