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Dana Peters-Colley

Last Day of Elul 5773 - September 4, 2013

Rosh Hashanah Message

God has slowly - and patiently - began shifting my calendar over to the Hebrew one - and after a few years of this, I now notice patterns, where at certain times each year, He will give me direction for where He is leading me...Tonight, we begin Rosh Hashanah - the Jewish New Year - and the year 5774 begins -


Many in the body are moving and being placed in their new or renewed assignments now- as this year we will take more ground in the body of Christ than we have in quite a number of years - and so, the Lord has been positioning and re-positioning many of us. It is a time of such increase that we will be amazed at the other side of this year as what has happened.

The earth and the world are getting ready for much shaking and shifting, too - and as we step forward this year we are going to be in the midst of great walls that we will see crumble before us as we stand and then, move in -that is key - to stand, to wait, and then, listen for the voice of the Lord to send us in - as it will be a time of spoils if we are following and discerning Him correctly.

You will also be assigned to some battles you did not plan for - and that is where the enemy may try and turn your hearts - so make sure you are ready in season and out of season - keeping your heart and spirits tuned in to your Maker, His will, His word, and His presence. It will bring you strength as you go and take the territory He has assigned you.

Now go.