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Dana Peters-Colley

15 Tammuz 5773 - June 23, 2013

The Hour Glass, The Bride, and The Mask

The Lord came to me this morning with a prophetic word that is for America - but it is also for the whole earth. Get your houses ready, as the streams you are now stepping on are going to shift. If you do not listen to the Lord now O earth - you will slip and fall into the water - so you need to be listening to Me - through My Word, through the Godly and wise Saints around you, and through the anointing I am releasing through My prophets, says the Lord. You can trust by listening to My Words: they will guide you in times of trouble. You can listen by hearing the words those who are calling into ministry will build you with. You can see through the eyes of the prophets, who are my servants, says the Lord. (Amos 3:7) I am going to be shifting much now - but it is to reposition you for the glory that is going to be coming down. Picture a house - and you are to bring in the wood to increase its size and add room - this is ministry. You will take this house, and you will turn it - that's what I've been doing. I will be on a circle beneath it - and its position - this whole house is shifting and is going to face the East now. I was facing the North - for many years it was facing the North - but now it will face Israel. Many have been growing. Many have been seeing. Many have been learning. I am shifting the whole house - the whole body of Christ - so that she will be positioned for when I the Lord come. This is what has been going on in the body. You have felt it - and the old part of the house - the old parts of the Church, they have been creaking and where it is too dry and old, it has been cracking, but I have been sending the Saints to bring the wood - and they are gathering it and they are bringing it to the edge of the house - they have been on assignment for me and they have been chopping down the dead trees and burning them - their words have been doing this - they have been looking at the Church - the World Church - my believers - and they have been chopping down and pulling out and looking at the dead wood and now, they are going to be tearing that out and putting the good new wood in. This wood is refined - and it is from the tree that I have - the tree of life that I have in My Word. They have been going and receiving the correct wood and they will place and begin nailing this onto the house - and the house is turning - and it will eventually be planted and face East where it will look and see Israel and she will be as a Bride for Me, the Lord, when I Yeshu'ah, the Messiah return to the Earth.  

You O Church will see her raise up in her most glorious place. You will see the signs in heaven that come down now. You will see the lost come to Me, the Lord, as in no other day, and you will be amazed in this season I now bring to the Earth.


You are going to shift over, for I the Lord am going to turn you on your ear. You will listen because I the Lord will make you listen. You will not destroy what is here but you will be refined. I am going to purge My people of this evil and wickedness that has entered through the outer doors. I will not see the enemy have this land and it will not happen and I the Lord am a jealous God and I do not give up what belongs to Me, says the Lord. Get ready. It will look perilous, but it will suddenly shift over and you will see the great quake that comes and arrives but it will not stop you, it will build you up, says the Lord. Now go.


(Just before this word came to me, the Lord prophesied this. I had three visions during the impartation of this revelation - the hour glass America being turned back over right at the last hour, the Bride - the Church global and what God is doing with her, and the Mask - it was black, and had eye holes in it - but the Lord was lifting off this mask so we can see the enemy and his works and therefore, the Lord will destroy this)


You are getting ready - the release of many - it comes now. I came to set the captives free - many whose eyes are closed or blinded or deceived - their eyes will be opened. You will see the Awakening - the Awakening in America - I the Lord am getting you ready.


(I saw an old fashioned large hour glass, where the sand was getting very, very low and then, I knew God was going to just turn it over and there'd be a season of more time)

The impartation - it will come and you will sense the hour. You see the hour glass and it seems as though America - her time is up - but I Am the Lord - and I Am going to turn the hour glass over - and increase the time I give to America. I hear your cries. I hear your petitions. I AM the Lord and the days are My days. I Am shifting - the enemy is in sinking sand. He's sinking in his own vomit. I will take him down - leadership will fall and the new will arise. I AM the Lord.

Get ready. Big shifts come to Congress. Explosions in the White House. In the Spirit. I AM going to destroy what has come against My people says the Lord. You will see the greatest shift in history occur because I AM removing platforms. The pillars will fall. You will see the signs - in the heavens I will break forth a sign. It will tumble as I shift the platform.


(Yesterday, I was looking at wedding images, and I saw the back of a dress with a lot of buttons - beautiful it was stunning - and it was part of the dressing a bride does before she is given to her husband in marriage).

You are getting ready O earth. You are getting ready for the Bride puts on the dress - and I will put on My garment. I the Lord will do this thing in order to change and shift the way My world is functioning - America - she is My Bride says the Lord.


(I saw a man with a black large mask and eye holes so he could see out - as the enemy knows just what he's doing - but a hand came and lifted it up and the face of God - I didn't see the face, but saw the hand, but it came and looked dead into the eyes of this masked man and his mask was pulled up so he was seen. I could feel heaven piercing him with the eyes of God - piercing into him).

She cannot be deceived any longer. I will pull up the mask of the enemy and I will rain down power upon My people. Now go.