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June 8, 2013 - 30 Sivan 5773


Dana Peters-Colley

Recently, I had three dreams in one night from the Lord. One dealt with the equipping of the body, one dealt with the disruption of the earth, and one dealt with the New Day the Lord is bringing.


I am going forth, says the Lord. You will not see the land move as it will be moving, as I the Lord bring many winds of change now. The former winds are not like what  I the Lord am bringing. I am raising up the standard. I am equipping the saints. I am arming My army says the Lord and you will not be able to stop what I bring down from heaven now.

It will be a full season. It will be a ripe tree that I the Lord will bring many fruits to their sweetness now. You will see power erupt now as never before. The earth will be moving soon. The shifts that I have predestined will occur in order to meet with swift justice in the earth. It will not be able to stand if there is sin in it and I the Lord will bring down the principalities now as the shift is necessary for My people to go forth from their places of observation to inclination - as they will be hearing My Voice as never before in the times of man. I am going to shift the way it is all being done.

I am going to bring the observers into a greater level in order to support the body of Christ to rise. There are going to be many who will not be able to resist Me now says the Lord. I will seek them and they will knock and I the Lord will open to them as never before. Evangelize O Church and ready your horses O men. I am a God of inquiry and if you inquire of My ways, I will surely show you the doors, and the stairs, and the paths, and the roads that lead to higher places upon the vast empire that is My Kingdom says the Lord.

You will behold many new things now. I will release many new things into the earth that will benefit you- but the greatest benefit you can have is to know Me says the Lord. Stay close to your assignment. Do not shift when the wind comes, as I the Lord will lead you out, as I led Moses out at the right hour, so I too will lead you O people out and you will behold and see that I am a great God who seeks a people who worship Me says the Lord.

Now go.


Prior to this - several nights ago, I received three dreams. Each one had a purpose. The first one was about man and his assignment. The Lord is getting people prepared to step into their assigned positions as never before. Be praying about your assignment, and ask the Lord to increase your influence now in the earth. He is positioned to receive these requests and you will be given more if you have been faithful in this last season.

Second, the dream was about revelation- in all the earth there is a new influence that is going to permeate man and it is going to be irresistible and will bring increase now as never before. We had authority over the nation from what was revealed in the dream - and we broke a dictator's power over the nation as we prayed for Israel and the covenant she has made with America. The wedding vows taken could not be broken.  The dictator that wants to annul this covenant that Israel has with America has to be destroyed and the Lord will raise up many righteous who will stand with his beloved, Israel in this hour.

The third dream dealt with the horse - the awakening body of Christ and her purposes now in the earth. She is going to rise as never before - and she will run and be a great influence in all the places of the earth that the Lord has decreed to the hearts of His people. Get ready to run O servants, for I the Lord will make you a sure and swift animal of renown - a release of the sound of the beloved horse now causes the people of God to shake, quake and move forward as never before. If you have felt delay, it has been because a lack of this Spirit in the earth - the one of momentum - it has been holding you in a stand-still position - but it now is going to release more into the earth than ever before. So, blow your trumpet and step out into the new advancement that the Lord is going to release this summer - that it will be your time in the earth to do great and mighty exploits.

Blessings to you dear believers!

May the Lord be with you always as you follow Him and may He have all the GLORY!

In Jesus Yeshu'ah's Name,

Dana Peters-Colley