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19 Nissan 5773 - March 30, 2013

Dana Peters-Colley

The Lord visited me this morning - and gave an understanding about what He is doing to the body of Christ over all of the earth. Everyone is benefiting from what the Lord is doing - and over time you will see great power rise up. This explanation will help.

Prophetic Word from the Lord:  The Explanation of the Shift

You will see the shift - the whole body of Christ - on their back - now they are on their knees - this is the shift - how do you get up when you are on your back? You either receive a hand - many did this - the mission's field - I the Lord bring a hand and they go flying forward into the missions. For the body that needs to stand - I have flipped them face down - they cannot see - some struggle face down - but once they surrender - they are given their knees - and some skin them but they learn to crawl - and that has been the shift for the body of Christ.  

She will begin to rise and stand - she will see the world from a place of up higher. Teach the body about higher - so now some do that.

You see I am in control of My body. You are getting ready to go. I bring much more to you. the answers: they are here - all in Me - in abiding in My presence says the Lord. I get you ready to go. You will see - the big comes now - it increases right before you.

I the Lord will widen the highway for you. It will be very large - you will see what I am breaking now. The days get dim but I the Lord open the way for those that will go. You will have much. It cannot be stopped, O prophet. I the Lord do this  it is going to be very large. Do not stop. You will see as I make a way now. It will rise before you - so get ready. The day. The hour. The weak - they will see and say they have strength but I the Lord do a new thing in all the earth.

Now go.

The Prophet’s Understanding:  

The Lord was showing me how He took the body of Christ - in a resting position (laying down, on their back) and with some - those called into the Mission's field - He pulled them swiftly up and is sending them - flying almost - to go into these places. With the ones He has positioned to do the work of their ministries, they were turned over - so if your life has felt a bit confusing for a while, this is why - you have been turned over -and as you move into an abiding, surrendered place, then, the Lord is equipping you with knees - and you can begin to crawl forward - but eventually you will stand if you are strengthening in Him and receiving what He is now bringing for you to move. This will accelerate for some - in great big ways - as the signs and wonders ministries are going to now start to pour out as never before. The equipping of the body is going to be for those who say, "yes" to the Lord and will go forth. They will receive the anointing in greater measure - and it will accelerate the body into a new millennium of power and wonder, right before a world that is dying and broken.

This is going to be the most exciting time in world history - so many will be coming into the Kingdom and the ministry of healing and reconciliation for an earth in desperate need will be as never before. So, get your houses in order - and be ready as He assigns you work you did not expect.


Dana Peters-Colley

Sea Ministries