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This word came from the Lord at the end of Sukkot II – in the New Hebrew year of 5773 -
October 2, 2012 –

 There is a coming time and a coming season and I the Lord am going to accomplish much in a narrow way. I am going to take the body and switch and shift the position that the enemy has held and take the ground that needs to be taken. It has been a hard and shifting season, a swift and hard decision-making time where the body has been greatly tested, but I am coming in stronger ways to make the necessary shifts that will align the body now.

The tests have only been the beginning, as there will be tribulation, but I will make it so that My judgment will not harm the ones who turn their lives and their hearts toward Me. This is a new raising up. This is a new center of My will that I am going to teach the body in order for the days ahead to be ones that are filled with the acceleration of the hour. You will see more than you have ever seen, O body of believers. You will see and taste and touch the supernatural in ways that I am going to show you now in accelerated ways. Now go.
The revelation of the Lord’s will is upon us, He is the one who will go before us in the days ahead. We must take our eyes off of what we will see – and stay the course, as the hour is one of acceleration for events to occur in the earth in the way that the Lord has designed.  
SECOND WORD THAT THE LORD RELEASED – October 3, 2012 – Hebrew Date - 17 Tishrei 5773
I am getting ready to release My will says the Lord. I am getting ready to shift and bring new assignments. I am getting you ready to go – be prepared O body for the Lord is mighty and is going to do many exploits through your hands. You will not despair but repair and the House that stood will be no longer capable of fulfilling the destiny I have created it for, so I the Lord will shift what it is into a new assignment. It will come with quaking and shaking. The body will not know how to move into what I am bringing, but the hour comes now and will be coming as this shift is now and the days of waiting are behind us.
We are equipping the saints. We are going to be bringing the release as never before. Get ready. Get ready. It is a time of great things, Church. It is a time of great goings and great comings and I the Lord have rulership over all things in Heaven and in Earth. I am the Lord. Jehovah is My Name. I will not be replaced with another. I will not be replaced with a false doctrine than the one I have set forth. Bring in the sheep, but cleanse the sheep and make them worthy of Me says the Lord. This is a word to the Pastors and Preachers of the nations. This is a word that I the Lord am releasing now. Get your sheep ready for what I am bringing next. Get them equipped. Get them in shape. Get them enduring the hardships that can come, but will not if they are relying solely on Me. It will be an hour of more – more on both sides says the Lord. This hardship will be for those who need to endure testing and trials. The hour is now and will be, and My Word cannot go forth unless I command it so. I am the Lord. Do not doubt Me. Raise your hands. Raise your head. You will be shouting as the enemy tries to take My land says the Lord. If you do, you will win. If you raise your hands, you will sing. If you desire Me, I will give you more. If you say yes, I will use you mightily. I am going to break. I am going to quake. Get your house in order. Get it ready and I the Lord will move swiftly to show you just what I want you to do.
Now Go.