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Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ:
Please note that from time to time I receive words that the Lord releases only days apart. This to give you double direction for what is now coming. Please also read the word from May 18. Together, these words from the Lord reveal the release that is now upon us.

29 Iyar 5772, May 21, 2012
There’s getting ready to be an awakening. The awakening hour is opening.  It’s like a flower, like a lotus leaf opening, that I the Lord am going to open. There’s going to be a revival and a revision, there’s a revision work I am doing in the body of Christ. There are some that say they are of Me but they are not of Me and I’m going to be casting them down. And I am going to be getting ready for the awakening hour that is coming. And there will be more and more and more, and so I am sending this army down from heaven to accomplish this work. So I am saying to you: Get ready, get ready, get ready O Church! And those that know Me and those that follow Me for I am going to enlighten the people and I’m going to be awakening them in the night hours, and there’s going to be dreams and visions are going to increase in multiplication. The multiplication, the dreams and visions in this hour, are going to multiply over all of the Earth. And it’s going to get very big and very large and the Lord is going to go before you as you step out in faith in order to do what it is He’s got to do. The hour is now. There’s an increase. There’s an awakening. There’s a great revelation that’s coming in order to fulfill the body of Christ in this day.
I the Lord will not it take any longer, there will be no more relief for those who are not listening to Me and abiding. There will be no more hour of rest. There will be revelation for those that go and there will be devastation for those that stay. So there is no more time. There is no more time. Do not waste any of your time. For I the Lord am preparing the Earth in order to go fast and furious, in order to accomplish My will, for I am getting things prepared in order that I may come in greater increase in the hours ahead.
Get the body ready. Get the body ready. This is for pastors and for those who minister. Get the body prepared in order to be able to do what it is that I the Lord have to do in this day.   Now go.