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January 27, 2012 – 3 Shvat 5772 – 5:54 a.m.
Please note the time that I arose from this dream: 5:54 a.m. – five, the number of grace, but the Lord has shown me it is also the number of royalty – and what do they call royalty? Your grace! It is double that number – double time for grace, and for a double amount of royalty to be poured out – and sent globally – the four – east, west, north and south they will go to fulfill what is coming now! says the Lord. (See Zechariah 6:5 – how the Lord sends forth 4 angels into the 4 parts of the earth)
Now we will head into a strange dream – when I receive these dreams, I am as surprised as you are – I don’t always have a word of knowledge about what the interpretation is, I await for the words to come – and the Lord sends an angel to reveal such things to me. I can sense and feel this, and I test the spirits, just as you should (1 John  4:1 - 4).
I was in a room and a female doctor was injecting a person and making her appear that they had died of natural causes – she was taking what was within them and instead of injecting them, they were pulling out what was within them, and pulling it out, and putting it onto the gurney around them. She was trying to make it appear as if it was done by natural causes, trying to hide the fact that she was killing them and they lay in a pool of blood that she had pulled out of them and placed around them, trying to deceitfully cover what she was doing.  She was victimizing people in a hospital.
I the Lord am getting ready for the body is dead from what Tragedy – that was the woman from what she has done to them. She has attempted to take their life – and to make it look as if nothing has happened, nothing out of the ordinary – but I the Lord have watched her come. You watched her grotesque plan – taking from the daughter that belongs to me. O Zion why do you forsake your children? They are yours and you refuse to see them – but I the Lord see My children and I the Lord gather them. The demon you saw in your dream – this demon will be destroyed. I am bringing the enemy to destroy this enemy says the Lord.
Get ready O House. Get ready O children for Israel calls. She stands, she awakes to My promises says the Lord. I will tear down. I will raise up. I the Lord will shine brightly because I am going out before you and you will dance before Me says the Lord. The body – so many wounded and the enemy killing what I have done in them – but I will resurrect. I will bring My body to the earth – to the place – she will get from the hospital where Tragedy tried to destroy her – and I will restore her in a place of love, a place of gardens, a place where the water flows – and she will go back to the hospital no more – she will have no disease – she will be healed and will have no need for a place like the American Church, which has outlived its time and its hour. I am going to raise the body up now – it has no life – as the blood has been drained from the woman on the gurney – but I am taking her away – I am removing her and she will rest, she will recover, she will dance before Me.
I the Lord am giving you this angel. He is coming and will stand behind Mystery – the one who stays and gives you revelation about your dreams – each angel comes with an assignment. I speak that to them and they come – the new one I am sending – it is for the hour – the day – the year – I am getting ready to come in great power – I the Lord am doing this now – this great and grand thing. You will see much as this angel will ignite the body into activity. Watch as I the Lord raise it up. Watch as the house fills with My revelation, My word and becomes what you only dreamt would occur.