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I, the Lord, want to talk and release some things into the Earth. It is going to change the dynamic quite a bit. I the Lord will bring in a new seed – a new revelation for the hour is going to sweep past. I am getting ready to give an impartation into the soil that will destroy the Arab equipping that has been underway. I am going to release a dangerous venom into the hands of the enemy and once he tastes of it, he will destroy himself with it.
The lust for power has been great amongst the tribe of Dan – you must read about this in Scripture. The lust for wealth and power.  (see understanding & revelation section below)
I am going to divide the people now – the whole earth will be divided, Worshipper. You are going to see this division rise and a spirit of unrest as never before. That is what is coming to the west. (He is speaking to America.) The hour is grave as many will descend into the pit – they will be trapped – they will wrestle and be disarmed and taken to the depths. Big cities will no longer be a fortress for the rich – they will crumble over night. This is the word – and be wise for the hour comes as midnight to a people who have spent their children’s inheritance.
Remember that dream? (see section below) Those that sold out their inheritance, I the Lord will destroy. I the Lord am setting new standards. I am not allowing My people this destiny. It is going to come at a great price. They sold their inheritance for a cup of peace – they did not listen when warned. They petrified and turned into rock (this is what happened to Lot’s wife). I the Lord accelerated time over a vast region and it disintegrated. She turned around – she went her own way. This is what I the Lord will do with America. I will come as a Destroyer and I will devour what is not Me says the Lord. I the Lord will raise America up from the ashes. I am going to equip her as never before. When Martial Law is installed, I the Lord will devour the men whose house is not equipping My people to go forward. Get your house in order. Get yourself ready to go and establish the Kingdom for it will rise as never before. Get your focus to align now. You have withstood says the Lord – This is for the believers who hear Me says the Lord, the ones who call Me Yeshua, Messiah, Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords, King of Kings – if you know Me and never deny Me, I the Lord will raise you on the last day. Grand and glorious will you rise.         Now go.

First, God is talking about the middle east and what He is doing to do there. He will be shifting the power – by giving them power and it will destroy them. I was able to see a person from the U.S. who the Lord was going to destroy that has this demonic principality working, but the Lord is going to destroy them.
Then, the Lord shifted to talking specifically about America – and the power that resides in the medical field – and that it is the curse of the tribe of Dan that has swept in. Studying about the tribe of Dan, the Lord led me to Genesis  49:17: Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels so that his rider shall fall backward.
This is the medical industry in America – the greed creating diseases in food supplies, vaccines, and other ways in order to access more power and wealth, the industries that have preyed on the weak, and the mass in order to gain amass more wealth.  
Next, the Lord reminded me of a dream He sent me an explanation – this is on my website – under prophesy archives page, July 11, 2009. The link is: Please go to this page and read this. He is saying that this turning back did not occur, and now the Destroyer is coming.
The Lord then goes on to talk about how He is going to destroy what is evil in America – and I was getting great revelation about what the Lord did in the destruction of Sodom.  This is what Yeshua Jesus Christ prophesied in Luke 17:26- 37.  We are in this time – and this is what is coming.  The Lord states that it will be “like the days of Lot” – “when fire and brimstone rained down from heaven” – “it happens in the day when the Son of man is revealed” (Luke 17:30) and we are given KEY INSTRUCTION in this Scripture what to do:
1) Do not be consumed with your worldly possessions – don’t come back to get what is yours, when this devastation comes, there are going to be casualties for those who try to go back and retrieve possessions (Luke 17:31).
2) Do not turn back once you are in your place of assignment (worker in the field) (Luke 17:31) If the Lord is directing you to an assignment, He will guide all of your steps. Do not suddenly turn back from where He is sending you because of what is going on around you. Do not let fear come in – but listen for the Holy Spirit in this hour.
3) A reminder about looking back on your old life – how it was (Luke 17:32)
The Lord spent quite a while as this revelation came to define for me what happened when the fire and brimstone fell- He shared that He accelerated time – that He blew down years of this in one single breath – and it consumed with the fire and brimstone what would normally take a thousand years to do. God did it with one breath. So, do not look at
what is happening when it happens, look only forward to where the Lord is leading you.
4) Now, the Lord moves into a warning about our own houses. Luke 17:34 – 36. We will see people fall inside the body of Christ as never before.  It happens in our homes, in places of work, and in the field (where the harvest of souls is – ministry work, work to carry forth the Gospel, and work where we stand with Israel).  
5) Then, the question comes – where will this happen, Lord – and the Lord answers that it will happen where the body will be gathered and eagles are a reference to the prophets – the ones who discern and see – they will see it coming.  (Luke 17:37) As other prophets have prophesied this, big cities are going to be destroyed over night. Get ready. Be prepared. Have two months of and other food supplies on hand.
6) The widow troubled the judge until He gave her what she asked for – have you been petitioning your prayer requests to the Lord – the things you have wanted to do that are in the center of His will for your life? Luke 18: 5  Get those petitions rising day and night for what you want Him to use you to do. PRAY SAINTS – as NEVER BEFORE the COMMAND IS TO PRAY – wear heaven out with your petitions – for salvation, for ministry, for the desires of your heart that are in line with God using you mightily in the Kingdom. GET YOUR PETITIONS INTO THE THRONE ROOM OF HEAVEN – now!
7) Luke 18:7 – 8 The word here states that God will avenge the ones He has selected – the body of Christ that He has hand-picked and chosen in this time – He will avenge us SPEEDILY. This is His promise to us.  TRUST IN THE LORD – WITH ALL OF YOUR WAYS –AND HE WILL GUIDE YOUR PATH. BE FOCUSED ON HIM NOW.  GIVE EVERYTHING OVER TO HIM NOW.
And His question for us is this:
Will Jesus find faith in the earth when He returns?
This is key and critical in this time. Please get your houses in order Saints. It is a time to prepare. 2012 will be a year as never before. Let us be about the Father’s business and heed the warnings. We will receive many blessings as never before – but the winds of change are upon us now, and the world will never be the same. The dividing is right before our eyes – will we go with Sodom and be destroyed? Or will we follow the Lord into the promises He has for us?
In Him,
Dana Peters-Colley