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November 28, 2011 – 2 Kislev 5772
There is amazing destiny that the Lord has for us –
if we are inside of His will and seeking what He has to bring.

It begins with a dream the Lord sent to me this morning. In it, my daughter Ciara and I were together. We had a white sweet little dog. Ciara placed a new jeweled collar and leash on the dog, which happily received what we had placed on her.
Then, the dog and I were in a very large school bus. A woman “Humility” was driving it. There were many adults and kids on the bus and we were going to a school. There were many that were walking to the school, too. The dog got out of the bus, but then, was suddenly back in my arms. The dog was a gift between Ciara and I, and was so excited with expectation about what was coming. I could feel it.
I asked another woman to my right (her name is “Authority”) how many would be at this high school we were going to – and she said 12 hundred. I told one of the teens in front of me that I went to a high school that had 6 thousand, in Orange County, California. (This is true in the natural).  This intrigued the student immensely, whereas the woman to my right, “Authority” was not moved. We were almost there – and it was very exciting.
I the Lord have a future that you will fulfill with your daughter – it will be accomplishing My will says the Lord. It will carry a large mantle. Do not be deceived, God is not mocked. Discernment in this hour is critical. I will give you what you want – in due time – I the Lord will do these things. Now go.
The dog represents the future – the place the Lord wants to take us with our “best friend”.  The collar my daughter had gotten to put on the dog – this was heaven – the color – ice blue and the jewels, blessings.
The bus was ministry – the direction the Lord has placed many of us in, in this season. The driver – Humility – when you are ministering to anyone, this is always what is able to drive where you are going. If “Humility” is taking charge, you will arrive where you are supposed to be.
The woman to my right was “Authority” (she was on the right, how our Lord Jesus Christ is in heaven on the right hand of the Father – she was in the right place). Notice how the young teen responded to my statement about where I had gone to high school – this is a young pastor – one who is drawn to something they should not be.
The number will give you the explanation. The place where we were going – this is 12 hundred – twelve – the number of God’s government. The hundred is the hundred-fold multiplication. God’s government is coming to the earth with a hundred fold anointing all over it. Remember, saints – the number we are now heading into 2012 – the number 12 with a double portion at the beginning. This is the number of what is now coming to each one of us if we press into Him as our source for His will to be accomplished in our lives.
If there are any back-burner dreams – bring them out now – if there are desires you have felt the Lord has given you – get them out and before your eyes and being praying them in. This is a direct word from the Lord for you. Now go.
He gives us the definition with the other number – the one from where I came. 6 thousand. This is the number of man – this is what six represents. It has a large mulitiplier behind it – thousand. There are going to be many who are lost and will not prevail with us in this next season we are going into – but the key is to discern what is behind us and what is before us. We must not be tempted by our pasts, or be tempted by the world in this hour. It must have no meaning.
We have almost arrived – this is the dream – into the destiny ahead. The bus had not quite stopped – but was now arriving – and that is where we are with this next year, 2012. Make sure authority is on your right, make sure you are inside of the destiny in your heart that you know God wants you to be in, and believe, believe, believe as never before that God has a destiny ahead for you.
Here are a few key Scriptures to pray with and hold onto:
Psalms 62:5 My soul wait thou only upon God: for my expectation is only from Him.
Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.
Luke 3:15 – read this Scripture…It explains the people were in expectation before John the Baptist and he told them that one greater than him was coming who would baptize them with the Holy Spirit and with fire. John the Baptist was giving them the Kingdom reality that was being sent, putting himself in proper position here and showing them what was coming. He started this with water baptism – to cleanse them from their sin – but moving them into a much greater reality that was ahead.
This is what the Lord is doing with the dream that He sent. If you are in right placement and right position, then, get your old dreams out and being EXPECTING! The transition will be swift and you MUST BE READY TO TAKE GROUND! NOW GO!