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PROPHETIC WORD FROM THE LORD October 2, 2011, 4 Tishrei 5772
I the Lord am sounding heaven with this petition. It will become a place – a Garden – but first the enemy must be destroyed. (I had a vision then of men and women, clothed in ancient battle attire and they were high up on a hillside eating pieces of meat from a large round cooking grill. This is a meaty word the Lord is showing me my friends, so prayerfully consider it.)
I the Lord am getting the earth ready to be torn – the birth pangs are sounding.  She – the Earth – cries to be delivered and she will tear open. Earthquakes as never before are now breaking open: you will see it on every hemisphere. The hour is short – get your hearts prepared. You know not the hour of My coming. My visitation, My triumph is before you. The harvest is white. The fields are full. God forth and sing. Be strong. Do exploits. Without faith it is impossible to please me.
Now go.
Prophetic word from Dana Peters-Colley