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PROPHETIC WORD FROM THE LORD September 3, 2011 – 4 Elul 5771
NO MONEY EXCHANGE FOR THE U.S. – Dream and Word from the Lord
This came to me and the Lord awoke me at 5 a.m. to share this revelation about what is coming. PLEASE read this word all the way through – for the Lord does bring answers to us.
I was at a place – it was filled with rows of metal and lines, like passing through the security check at an airport where there are many people lined up to do their business and get through, except this was about money.  I was in a long line to get my money exchanged. Many people of different countries and nationalities were there, but they were looking at me. When I got to where I should be directed to have my turn, the man walked away. Other people were getting their turn, but not me. So, I stood for a long time waiting for someone to open my area. I looked down and there was money left there – a lot of American dollars and change all left out. They had walked away from it, and so I began gathering it and putting it together to return it. I wanted to do the right thing. People looked at me strangely as I did this.
Finally, I left this line and got to another line – and got up to a counter, and finally got to where the tellers were with my money, and the money that was left behind. I asked to see a manager. I wanted to tell them they needed to do better business and take care of the American money they’d been left to be in charge of. All of the people were Asian. They were very, very busy, these Asians – exchanging money but my teller walked away and I waited and waited and no manager came. I asked a man if he was the manager. He told me there were many managers but he wasn’t the one I was waiting for. Others got their work done quickly, but because I cared enough to want to help them it was talking a long time to get anywhere.
The big shift is coming now – the shift is coming to change everything a now word for the nation. The shift is going to increase. World markets are going to change overnight. They are going to withhold, withhold the money. The U.S. – that was you in the dream – you stand and the money has been left behind – U.S. money will be left behind. You stand and wait but no one comes to exchange your money. It’s happening with other countries. They can all get their money. There will be three times in coming months this will happen to the U.S. dollar – three times I’m going to stall the dollar and its exchange with Asia. The U.S. will try and talk to leaders in Asia about the exchange – but they will not come. The U.S. will have to become self-sufficient again. They will have to become their own lender. They will have to stop spending and start saving again.
The mammoth of Enterprise has no answers now. The country doesn’t know what to do – but I am raising up men and women who know  - there are men and women I the Lord am bringing to the forefront – they appear as Sarah Palin did – from nowhere – but they come up with answers and will go forward. These men and women are bold and courageous. These are assignments I’m handing out now. Righteous people are bringing the truth. Now go.