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May 20, 2011 – 16 Iyar 5771
Yesterday, President Obama announced that his plan for Israel was to restore the 1967 borders –which would put Israel at 8 ½ miles wide, rather than the 42 miles wide that it stands at today. I was terribly grieved, but we must remember that we will know believers by their fruit, and that we as believers must stand for righteousness, even if our leadership does not.
In two dreams the Lord shifted and spoke about something else – and I ask for your urgent prayers and actions. Remember, faith without works is dead. We as believers must love what God loves, and hate what He hates. Israel is the apple of His eye – and of course, the enemy would want to delay and destroy what God loves. It is our duty and we will be held accountable for our actions in this important time. We were created for now – God selected our birth for now – and we who know what the Lord would want us to do must be willing to go forth and stand up for righteous causes.
Now, I transition into two connected dreams that came to me this morning. The Lord is allowing me to release these words to you.
I was walking through a very large bathroom with men, women, and children in it. The water was backed up about a foot or two high, and young children were walking through waste that was in this water.  People were milling around. Everyone was waiting. This place, I could sense was supposed to be a restaurant – and I was supposed to speak – but I couldn’t get there because everything was on hold. I came next to some woman – and she was in country music – and I knew it was Nashville – and I was getting away from this place.
When I looked out and I knew I was going and either on my way or in Oklahoma. I saw a large city with sky scrapers and there was darkness around it, and storms and disaster – there was smoke rising from the buildings – great tribulation there. I heard a voice and it said, “Dallas” and I saw the great disaster happening to engulf this city and the voice said, “Do not go there.”
I might have been looking from Muskogee, Oklahoma toward Dallas –because that was where I was going.  As I looked at the city, there was great and ominous darkness there. It was gray and the whole city was in smoke and flames, with large skyscrapers rising in the middle of it.
Get ready for the greatest harvest of souls is coming. It is going to get very big now. I am going to break open this city (Nashville) and the hour is going to become the hour of My breaking open the earth. This is going to be your year – you are going to arise now – I show you Nashville to show you that they are waiting instead of going. They want Me to do it for them.
They have been given warnings. Stay out of the cities. I give you warning about natural disasters strikes Dallas in the next six months. The city will go on fire – that was what you saw form the city that I the Lord will annihilate. I the Lord am a devourer of what comes against Me. I am going to devour the enemy. Get ready for it all comes down – the enemy cannot stand. There is going to be a swirling across America. It’s going to be a hard time but you will not go near it. I the Lord will triumph and show you just what to do.
The big shift comes for the enemy believes he can take the land, America. But I am going to defeat him. Rise up, each state will now rise against Obama – for his crazy behavior is seen by the world and the Senators and the Congress will rise now – it will be holy anger – and righteous men and righteous women will now stand against him and defeat his plans. His wall will fall – it is going to be war now – for the enemy believes he has won but I say, “No.” It will not stand and you see the viper rise but I will give the blade to the men of the House and they will come against him with vengeance for they know and they understand the blessing upon their head that is America and they understand that it is connected to blessing of My land, Israel. States will rise up now. This is going to be the hour of triumph. The American people will not allow the enemy to defeat her. You are going – you will go.
Dalllas skyline - this is the same view I saw in the dream
except the skyline was surrounded with  smoke and fires
in the night.
Dana Peters-Colley