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April 15, 2011 – 11 Nissan 5771

Recently, I have been in California, on assignment from the Lord. I got to walk on one beach when I arrived, and spent time sharing the Gospel with my sister as we watched the most beautiful April day – waves crashing on the shore, birds soaring overhead, and salty breezes surrounding us. We talked about the time we are in – as the seals are being opened and the fourth seal now upon us. We talked about the seventh seal, when all of the tribes of Israel will come in –and this is why so many are being called to befriend and stand with Israel. The time approaches as the Greatest Awakening comes, where in the earth more than a billion souls will find our Y’shua, Jesus our Messiah.  We are learning how to worship in the way our Messiah worships. We will stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers for the greatest end time harvest. It is all coming and we are being prepared to do this work. I sat on a beach in sunny southern California sharing this revelation of the time and the hour we now live in and it was pure joy!
The following day, the Lord sent me to help plant a vineyard back facing beautiful mountains. Again, the sun shined and we went to a man’s house. The Lord told me I would prophesy on a woman there.  It shook the people I was with because I had told one of them what would happen. They told me later they had to look at their own faith, but it showed them the way into higher levels for the Lord. They watched as it easily happened. She took the word and was so appreciative of what God was saying to her. Another woman pulled on the Spirit, with great holy hunger, and He spoke words to her, too. Then, we prayed and my assignment was complete. This is how our Lord works in each and every one of us, if we will agree to be used by Him, and follow as He leads with that still and small voice of His. He showed me that the metaphor of the grapes in the region is for how much He is doing in California – how much of His Spirit is going to be harvested there, as He has many planting vineyards there.
I accomplished much personal business while I was there for the six days, but it was done easily. I had one situation where the Lord led me to the Apostle Paul’s letter to Philemon. The Lord was instructing me to take care of a relative who is a freed prisoner, and set up his affairs for him. The prisoner is a recent follower of the Lord – and when we are His, He provides for us and takes us into His possession. We can trust Him with everything.  He wants you to specifically know this – that you can trust God with every part and piece – the key is to be listening to His voice and He will guide you.
I did receive some attack while I was there – it came in the night season, and the following day, the Lord showed me what the demon looked like.  It had been waiting for me in a place I usually visit first. It attacked my sleep, and my back, and it finally came off when I boarded the flight to leave the region. Also, there was serious warfare as I left. I was instructed by the Lord to take a different way to the airport in Orange County – and so I obeyed. I got caught in a giant traffic jam on the back side of Orange County, and it was very, very spiritually dry there – and five lanes of cars were bottled up, moving like snails toward our destination. Time began ticking, and I  
grew concerned I’d miss my flight – but the Lord assured me that I would make it. Still, it was a battle, and I wondered why the Lord would lead me this way – why would He not make it easy for me? However, He then instructed to call for prayer, so I called two believers (I was at a dead stop in the car, stuck in traffic with 1,000 other cars when I did this). In another ten minutes it started to free up, and I was able to pass where the blockage was located just as a police officer on the freeway was going to close the entire freeway to get the cars across. Had I not been able to get past this situation, I would have absolutely missed my flight.  However, the prayers gave that extra bit of movement in order to get me to my destination in time.
When I got to the airport, I was instructed by the Lord not to go fill up the gas tank off site – I was half empty – and they charged me $6.00 a gallon – remember, six is the number for man. My work was that of a half-empty region needing a fill up from the Lord. Man needed the blockage to get out of his heart so the Lord could fill Him up again. That was the work I was doing. Fortunately, I made it to my flight in time, and was so glad the two plus hours of driving there was over.
The Lord showed me that He was using my prayers to free up a region. The south coast area of Orange County near the ocean is full of the Spirit now – but the back side was like an artery to the heart and it needed to have the blockage removed in order to get things flowing to the body. As I went, I was yelling out, “Open! Open! Open!” I kept doing this – and the Lord was using it to do His work in this region.
I had asked God to use me on this trip to California. He did. It didn’t come the way I expected but the Lord knows what He is doing – and our words and actions do matter.
I am glad to be back in the Nashville region today. The Lord showed me just how much He is at work in the earth. While I was there, I prayed for many more than I’ve written about, there were healings in two places – one for cancer, another for a hip, and my sister said the Lord told her He sent 10 angels with me. The anointing would get so strong, all around us would be affected.
As we enter the days we are now in, we will have many more angels coming into the earth to help us. The signs and wonders are going to increase as all Spirit is poured out upon flesh. It’s going to get so strong, and really fun too – remember in Acts when they thought the believers were drunk? Yes, it will be like that as the cloud descends, and the Holy angels help us.  What glory!
Now, I move into a global word…I do this with fear and trepidation…remember, the Kingdom is being raised up, as the World goes down. We must make sure we are in the Kingdom, abiding with Christ every day now. It is critical, for our life depends on it.
There is going to be a big shift in the world this year – there is going to be devastation as the world has never been because there has been a long season where the enemy has ruled – in regions and continents. In order to win souls – in order for them to see Me. It now is going to increase what I now place in your hands – you will see that you will be going and it’s going to rise and increase all around you. (I was hearing the marching of army troops. I was seeing dancers going forth with white scarves twirling and dancing before the Lord in battle). Preparation is necessary in order to take back the regions – they have blocked, they have stopped My access and now I will break through as never before. There is much desolation coming. There are regions that are going to be destroyed. The news will be flooded with My news says the Lord for the day and the hour approaches when I come down with wrath as never before. It’s going to be a time of grieving.
It’s going to be an hour of mourning but you will see the breaking of nations as I bring