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Ready Yourselves and Go 3 Elul 5770, August 13, 2010
I have had a face to face visitation of the angel of the Lord on my right since last night. The Lord spoke this to me awhile back and told me that I would be entering a new level where this angel would be with Me when the Lord was moving in the earth.
This morning, some supernatural things occurred that are symbolic for what is happening now in the world. This is a specific word for the American church. This angel of the Lord has been sent to explain what is happening around you, to give you a peace and a direction for this next season – as it quickly approaches says the Lord and I the Lord want you to be ready for what it is I do in this season, and not be taken off guard.  The world is getting ready for a large crash, all of the world systems are going to crumble and fall right before you O church and so, I am sending my prophet to instruct you of the hour and times that are before you. Prepare yourselves for the shock of it will certainly be alarming but you must remember that I, the Maker of Heaven and Earth, have My hands on everything and there is nothing that I will not do for you in this hour if you set your heart, mind and soul upon Me and My ways.
Today – the Lord instructed me to put medicine on my cat – to get rid of the pestilence that would try to attack him – and when I didn’t do it, a flash – a pop of light snapped above my cat. So, I did as the Lord instructed. As I received the word below, the cat meowed and meowed at me. He didn’t like what the medicine did to him – He had to get rid of what was wasteful and I wasn’t making it easy on him to do that, and he wanted out but I wouldn’t let him leave the place of receiving the medicine and letting it take its effect no matter what it did to him. This is just as the body of Christ acts now – but it was for his good to protect him from what would destroy him – and I had to keep my focus on the outpouring revelation from heaven that I was writing down despite the complaints from my cat and the cleaning up of the mess he left. This is our clear instruction: We must keep our focus on what God is having us do, rather than the complaints from those around us who are receiving the medicine of change in their lives that God is bringing upon the body of Christ. We must keep our focus upon what God is pouring out, in the midst of the world system changing and falling around us.
I heard in two hours he can be released – and with the medicine on him, he will be able to withstand all the attack that tries to come against him. Trouble times two is what is here now – the medicine to protect us from destruction says the Lord.
We are receiving twice as much trouble in this hour – but God is using it to get us ready for what He is going to bring forth in the earth.
What I received wasn’t the word, it was the explanation for what you are experiencing. Are you going through difficulties? Are you being shifting and things occurring that you didn’t expect? Are you sensing you are supposed to sell your house? Your possessions? Are your desires changing and you feel led to do something entirely different? Well, this is God preparing you for what is here now – and is coming.
It is now the hour of awakening – their eyes will be opened and they will see – and I the Lord will come down from My high place – where I alone reside and I will bring and pour out My Spirit upon all flesh – the Earth – she readies for My arrival for when I come I bring an angelic host with Me and much will topple now, Denise O Prophet of the Earth, and it is going to be for a testimony that My sons and daughters will know My power says the Lord.
Put this word out – Put out that My people must ready themselves and the hour descends from heaven now – this is a now word O body of Christ, the only begotten Son of God – it now comes and is says the Lord – for the days of Jacob’s Trouble are upon us and a great quaking, shaking and floods sweep the earth, but I the Lord will not sweep away the whole earth. I promised this to Noah, I will not do this terrible thing, but this is the hour when much turmoil awakes. I snap My fingers and it is so – I come in and shake, I quake, and now from heaven a mighty wind will blow – it’s going to change the direction of everything and everyone. It’s going to be a time of great catastrophe – I am not holding back because the hour is so great.
Do you know your God – then be about My business, says the Lord. Lay down what you’re holding onto – for it is the season of running – run with the Word – run with it  - share it – distribute it, give it away. If I had given Jesus a house, would He have gone? If I would have given Him lands would He have prospered? You must lay down what is in your possession and go as I the Lord instruct.
Will you go O people of the Most High God? Will you chase My callings? Or do you hold onto what you have, sitting in empty houses wondering where I am? Now is the day and the time and the hour when I the Lord am sending you out. You have wondered and you have worried and you have thought it was your sin, but it’s been My doing says the Lord. Do not hold onto your houses or your lands or even your lives for they belong to Me.
I am now going to send you – in mass – I am going ot send you now – and you will see glorious sights and you will be My people and I will be your God – and you will gain back your houses and your lands as I bring them to you – not with mortgages that some bank will own you – but free and clear – for you have fought the battle and won. Give Me the Lord everything you have and I will give you a multiplication of 30, 60, and 100 fold. I the Lord will do this. You will see what I can do as you give it to Me. Run the race.
The world is on fire. I have placed a fire and it burns and from the ashes will they build. They have no answers. Their solutions crumble. They will try again and again until it is completely destroyed says the Lord. But My people – I the Lord will go before you if and if you will only listen to Me. I am telling you this now – clearly – it is all going to fade away and the only thing left will be Me, the Lord God Almighty. Who will you serve this day? Now go.