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Word from the Lord – The Last Beginnings
Here is the important word from the Lord:
Things are going to be turning and the hour of last beginnings has swept before the people. You are going to be seeing things you have never seen – governments are going to shift overnight and it’s going to move in sweeping waves now – they are going to be tossed and turned, and they will rise together in pockets to form a sequence of waves that will shift everything in the whole earth. Some waves will have red tides – they will take out many people. Other ones will have gold coming down from heaven inside them, and they will be filled with believers. Do not despair. Be where I am says the Lord. Be where I can reach you and touch you and hear you – for the hour is great and the need is even greater. This is the hour you were created for. This is the hour for you to stand and watch and see and taste and wonder and be filled with amazement. Now go.

Notice, the Lord is saying the moves are going to be in waves. As a surfer, I know a lot about waves. They come in sets of seven. You sit and wait until the sets come, but you can see them in either direction, depending on the direction of the winds. An example is that in California, the storms in Mexico in the fall will bring waves from the south, and warm water with it. The storms from Alaska in the winter will bring the waves from the north, and cold water.  You can study and see the direction and the movement of the waves, and that is what the Lord is sharing with us, that we can see the storms coming – to every region of the earth and how these shifts are going to affect the body of Christ in every area. A red tide is when everything out under the water washes up on shore. Whatever is down below is churned up and in the turbulence, it destroys it and so for a few days the water is red all along the coast. It is a way the ocean cleans itself – keeping the right balance in things. So, God is shifting and cleaning up things and there will be casualties in the process of the change that is here.  
In between sets of waves, there is a calm, a period of rest to recover and get ready for the next set of waves that will come. Keeping our eyes focused on Kingdom priorities and obtaining the necessary rest in between the chaos that is going to surround us in the “Hour of Last Beginnnings” is in our midst, but listening to the Lord’s instructions will help us endure what is ahead.
Bless you,
Dana Peters-Colley
Dana Peters-Colley surfing in California 2010
My view from the 16th floor of the Hyatt hotel,
Manila, Philippines Feb. 2011