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PROPHETIC WORD FROM THE LORD the 13th of Av 5770, 7-24-2010
Dana Peters-Colley
I saw six babies as the dream panned across the room, and a woman who was standing there. They were soccer team members. One of the babies was on TV. The woman was full grown and had a shirt on that said Coach. Then, the babies transformed and they were now children, and each had on the same shirt, with the same emblem, Coach on it. They were from Israel and spoke only Hebrew.
This is Israel now – she stands with her coaches – each shirt said coach but one leader and the other coaches are young. Israel – she holds the ball. I have given her the power and the situations coming – you see there are 6 of them – in total – and the babies have now grown into children – this is where we are in the hour – the thing I the Lord am explaining to you the prophet is the hour we are living in – the timing for what is next. You sense the hour – but there is much left – there is a lot of activity for the hour comes and yet is for the hard games.
The daughter of Zion – the head coach is Netanyahu but I now raise up other young coaches and when they are of full age the battle -  the true and end time battles begin – war is coming but they are not yet ready to take it on.
The time is to now get ready for the end time battle. A great coming together will emerge as I the Lord get ready, get prepared for the hour is grave and the people who know their God will do mighty exploits. The hour is coming and now is where each member of the team is being put into place – these ones will not all be Jews, they will not all be Christians but as I put the body together – it’s going to get bloody – the teams are being put together now – and the coaches are young and the hour is grave – and the time is near – and it will all be fierce for mighty do I make these warriors for My cause says the Lord.
And you – O body of believers who stand for My coming – you will see great difficulty before the hour of triumph comes. Now go.
The words – fierce – were coming to me hard – as it is the first time I remember the Lord using this word. I went to my concordance and came to Isaiah 13:13 – Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the Lord of hosts, as in the day of His fierce anger.
Please note: the day is the 13th of Av. The Scripture is Isaiah 13:13.
In my study Bible I discovered this passage is an ORACLE or message from GOD concerning Babylon. In Revelation 17 and 18 Babylon is a symbol of God’s enemies. Isaiah shared a message of challenge and to give us hope stating that we as God’s people are not to rely on other nations but to rely on God alone.