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Word for the American Church – a call to pray
I woke up late, and my alarm – set for 7 a.m. didn’t go off. I was in the midst of a dream. It was 7:09 a.m. when my son awoke me.
There is significance to this.
I was in a dream where a woman, she was pretty but older. She wasn’t married but had a handsome – perfect – boyfriend.
She decided she wanted to get pregnant and have a child. Again and again they tried to get her pregnant but it wasn’t working.
I was walking with her through her struggles.
Then, I woke up.
The number seven signifies completion – just as God made the earth and rested in a 7 day cycle, we follow the same cycle
and so, the number that I was supposed to be completed with my sleep cycle was the number 7. It was the time that Church was
to arise. I set my alarm last night, yet it was turned off.
I was awoken at the number 7:09 – by my son. This is symbolic of God’s Son coming to wake up the Church – but she is asleep – and
she is to be complete and birth something – seven the number for completion; nine: the number for birth.
The American Church is asleep and I am sent to wake her up.
Now, we shift to what is inside of the dream. I asked the Lord if this was me. I was making sure I was not out of alignment in any area.
He said no. He would share it with me after I dropped my kids off to their classes. We were not late for their classes – but arrived at 8:07.
Eight is the number for new beginnings, and seven, again is the number for completion. So, the children of America are starting with
a new beginning and they will complete this cycle before the day of the Lord comes. This is a prophetic word for America.
Now I go on. Inside the dream, the woman was not married, but wanted to birth something. This is the American Church.
We do not have Covenant with Jesus, Y’shua, our Lord. We need to have covenant in order to birth what God wants to give us.
Without this covenant, we can try and try but a full revival will not break out into America until we have gone back, asked forgiveness
of our sins, and gotten into agreement with God’s ways of operation. Then, we can ask what we want and receive it from the Lord.
The Church is spinning her wheels, talking about revival, talking about the Great Awakening, but it will not come until she is in right order
and placed herself inside of My ways, says the Lord. I cannot give birth to her intentions, she must come under subjection to My ways and then,
she can birth a new Church over America. Her time is running out – she is getting older and if she does not get things right, she will be barren
and I will give her promises to another, who is willing and yearns for My ways, says the Lord.

Please pray for the American Church. Please pray for her to turn from her wicked ways and come back to her Father and ask His forgiveness.
With a repentant heart, she can then, come to the wedding and is placed inside the Covenant that God wants to bring her into. Without
this covenant she will not birth anything but will continue to try and try, and it will be to no effect.  Now go.