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Dana Peters-Colley copyright© 2011 sea ministries, inc.
Word for Hollywood – The 3 Sons of Hollywood
First, a little bit of foreknowledge – I went to High School across Southern California and Michelle Pfeiffer was a year ahead of me in school.
She started as an extra with a friend of mine, and continued on while working at a grocery store until she made it in Hollywood. A boy I really
liked had me have her sign his class album, and I was a freshman with a crush who didn’t think twice about doing anything that boy asked.
I never knew her once she was in Hollywood.
In my dream, Michelle, as she is now was there in a large house. She had a womanizing husband, who I tried to avoid, and three children, all boys.
The oldest had a different last name than the other two sons. I was in this dream a long, long time, and it was very, very real to me –an actual place
that I walked through. Michelle was in a large room – the gathering room and was consumed with images of herself that she admired and observed
again and again. These images ran all day, and she was swept up in watching them on a large screen. I walked through hallways, and climbed up a ladder,
and there was another level, and suddenly, the husband was there and wanted to take me into his bedroom, and I wouldn’t go – and I could see the lust
in him and he was trying hard to pull me in but I would not go. Then, I went into another bedroom where the boys were. They were teenagers, all of them.
They were hanging out in this room and I was standing with them.
I woke up from this place, and it was lit up outside, and I wondered if it had snowed, or if it was a full moon, it was so bright, and I was surprised that it was
exactly 3:00 a.m.
I went back to sleep, and had two more dreams. The Lord shared that He would talk to me about this later in the morning, which was out of character for my
usual way of doing things with Him.
This is Hollywood. This is the sin of Hollywood – she stares day and night at her own image, consuming herself. [He sent the image of Michelle Pfeiffer as a
‘familiar spirit’ to me – to show me someone I was familiar and what was happening).  Her husband – this is the principalities of Hollywood that I am getting ready
to break – the principality of the west – the husband, the womanizer, he preys on young women in the house while his beautiful wife is self-consumed.
The children don’t know what to do – 3 sons – the oldest is a bastard, [like I was called that, too], the other two, Cain and Abel are their names. One of the sons will
devour the other. [The survivor] he will go to a far place – a wasteland and be destroyed. The bastard will have no home, no way but he is the one I will rescue – he is
the son of promise. 1/3 of Hollywood will be saved. 1/3 of the children will find their way into My arms.  They have seen more than any child should – but I will take them
into My arms.
I have great men, great men I have in that city raising up an army to do the work says the Lord.  Cain and Abel will devour one another but the son of promise, he will
come in and with him many girls – they will come as sheep and I will clean their sin and restore their innocence and they will not seek themselves but will seek Me
and My ways says the Lord. Beauty for ashes. Despair no more O daughters of despair! You will be released from ridicule and your cousin to the south [the Lord is talking
about Orange County – the cousin in the south], she will be stomped out by My hand because I poured out before – twice I have poured over the land there and this time
I come as an all-consuming fire says the Lord.
The mudslides will be followed by a great shaking says the Lord and then, I follow with fires – once again – but this time says the Lord they will see the power of God in
the winds – and the fearful will be afraid and the tribulation that hits once again in the land will be a last call – open your ears California – open your ears to My judgment.
I will not spare the father who pollutes the daughter and the mother who neglects her children. It is all coming down – but the children will I the Lord save.
Now go.