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PROPHETIC WORD FROM THE LORD the 19th of Tammuz 5770, 7-1-2010
2 Houses Come Together Now
The women lead and the men follow – not bad but good. Jehoshaphat. The women sing, they dance, they pray, they carry the banners of love then, the men march behind and the enemy cannot stand.
This is the hour. This is the time. I the Lord do a new thing in the earth. The women are hearing. The men are girding their loins. They are preparing to war for the enemy has gained ground but I the Lord say no to this foe and the men will rise up.
Those who stay with the old way will stagnate. They will dwindle and their houses will become empty. But those who listen and hear My voice says the Lord they follow a new way – a new direction for I place one house right next to the other house – and you can listen to one another and hear the same Voice in both houses – this is the time where Israel is restored to the body – they will begin to enter the kingdom now! They will enter and find children unchurched in the houses but hungry for the words that they bring, eager to learn of their ways.
Both houses will become one house.
Both houses will go forth together, For the Daughter becomes the Bride and the Bride becomes the Daughter. This is a global word. You may release this word and I will send you more. The hour is now where the two unite into one and they sing and praise and dance as one now. This is the release that many have been waiting for and another approach comes toward My return – each a step closer to the hour when I will return. Zion awaits Me. The Bride adorns herself. It is a great time in the kingdom of lights.
Now is the time to get out in front and sing your songs and dance before Me, says the Lord. I will rebuke the enemy but not before your men have dressed – have addressed their ways, their wicked ways and their sin will begin to fall upon them and many will fall in this next move I bring – for many who say My Name says the Lord do not know Me and they chase after other Gods – of deceit and worldly vanities and housely goods and I the Lord have been dealing and destroying and disentangling the truth from the lie because the lie is deceit upon the people.
The hour will come and now comes when I say it is time – where do you stand? For the river will gush, it will overflow again, and it all comes down to which side of the river do you stand upon? Which shore have you selected? says the Lord God Almighty. Choose who you will serve this day, God or mammon, day or night, darkness or light. These are man’s choices and have always been. One man serves. Another falls. The hour of going back is of the past.
No more will I look the other way. No more will I ignore your sin. You are moving closer and closer to the hour of My coming says the Lord. Who will you choose? Who will you follow? Life and death are just a breath apart. Life. Death.  I Am going to be bringing judgment – swift judgment and you must turn or be destroyed. That is the wind that comes now. I do not bring bonds. I bring freedom. I do not bring the world a cup of rice, I the Lord bring and army of benevolence, a chalice of peace, a world of hope.
My world is coming and it’s going to land – it’s going to crash upon this world and destroy what was and build what is – so get ready – for the hour is as never before – you have no more time – now you must choose – which side you will take: God or mammon: Life or death.  Now go.
2 Chronicles 20 – read about Jehoshaphat and the worshippers who were sent to the front lines.
Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other, or else he will hold the one, and despise the other: Ye cannot serve God and mammon.