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Healing Testimony

While on a trip to California, I was
surrounded by the angelic host. I
went into a Presbyterian church for
a Bible study and there was a woman
there who arrived early.  I had the
gift of discernment and knew that the
Lord wanted to heal her hip. We
prayed for her, and she was
immediately healed.
Three things were working:
1) God kept unbelief out of the room
- it was just the three of us;
2) He sent me with the anointing, and
3) she had the faith to receive it.
We serve a miracle working God
who wants for us to be whole,
healed, and completely blessed!
 To Jesus be all the glory!
By the stripes of our
Savior that He took
on the cross, healing
is released.  I cannot
heal but my Savior
can and does heal.

On the day that this
particular healing
occurred, I had angels
with me and when I
came into the room
of a Presbyterian church,
I immediately knew that
Gwen needed me to lay
hands on her hips. She
was instantly healed. It
was a miracle and such
a joy to be used by God
this way.

The Lord is mighty and
loves to heal us - in so
many ways!