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PROPHETIC WORD FROM THE LORD the 13th of Tammuz, 6-25-2010
Before I give this word, I want to assure you that we serve a loving God. He is long suffering over what has transpired in our country. However, there comes a point in time when He removes His covering, that rather than be destroyed by our own choices and shifts in our ways, He will bring the strength that He so mercifully wields in order to turn us as a nation in the right direction.
This morning, the Lord came to me with a strong and clear voice for what is ahead in America. My suggestion and counsel to you is that you be listening to the Lord with each step that you take. Be prayed up, and discerning in this season, as you need to be where God’s got you, in the same way that the blood was put on the doorposts in order to protect Israel.
We serve an amazing God who does not give us a spirit of fear but of power (and this kind of power is miraculous power), love, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).
Remember, Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets.  (Amos 3:7)
Danger, it now comes to America. It comes and is going to become the focus of the country – to the point that I the Lord will begin to stir amongst the heathen – for they hear but do not hear and I the Lord will open their eyes and open their ears – you see how you do not and cannot be in the midst of the destroyer as He comes, for the waste will be great- piled on a great heap in every city that fails to fall on its knees to worship Me says the Lord.
Go to the sheep. Sound the alarm. For now is a time of great shift as I turn yes, you see it go – degrees – this turn will shift America and she will cry to Me as never before – Her heart will ache – her insides will wrench – she can no longer stand as she has – but now will come to Me.
You are going to see a large darkness sweep but I will destroy the enemy at his own bidding. I will destroy what is not Me from the earth. My house has withstood enough – it’s going to be shaking and tumbling in places that have withstood much defilement – but I the Lord will be going through the barricades  destroying wall s they try to erect – I will not allow My children – for the earth’s children are My children says the Lord – and I the Lord Am going to begin assaults from the rear and I Am going to march on native soil – the feet of the righteous will put on boots and stomp down and back and turn, turn, turn, turn the direction of the nation. I the Lord Am calling them in their slumber. I Am calling them from their placement. It is now getting ready to break forth and the destroyer will be wasted.
Listen, Listen O America. It is not the end of your hour but the beginning of My hour says the Lord. Now will you go. Now will you stand. Now as never before do I prepare you and call you rightfully into your position. A great quake. A great despair but for My sons and daughters a great time of the shift apparent, the shift that My dreams are built on is now coming as never before. Now go.