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PROPHETIC WORD FROM THE LORD     the 24th of Sivan, 6-6-2010
Dear Friends,
The Lord just spoke these words to me and I had a vision of a woman dancing with beautiful white, flowing garments and she was stomping out what had been attacking her. The Lord showed me that she was the earth, and this is what she was doing in this season.  At first, I saw bugs inside of her garments, and as she danced, she was being besieged by these attacking black insects. Then as she shook, these bugs were loosened from her clothes and fell to the ground.  As they reached the ground, her bare but strong feet danced over them, and stomped them from existence.
The bugs represent the enemy, as he has come all over the earth, attacking the body of Christ as never before. The earth, in the physical, has been shaking but it is only going to intensify now because these insects are clinging to the garments, they are clinging to the body of Christ, and in order to get rid of them horrendous shaking is going to occur. The darkness that has come inside the Church is going to be destroyed, and then, as it falls to the ground is going to be crushed as never before.
Please get ready. It’s a time of strong attack from the enemy and he does not want to give up the territory that the Lord is going to take.

Here is the vision the Word I received today, the 24th of Sivan, and the Lord urged me to get this message right out to you:
The earth is going to start trembling. She is going to look like a woman in travail and will shake off her garments as it seems as if spiders have crawled into her clothes.  She will then dance atop these black creatures and stomp them out – that is what you see in the earth and as these bugs sting her she will rise with vengeance to wipe them free from the earth. This is what I now do in the earth. It’s going to get heavier and weightier before I the Lord am done.  Now go.
Friends, This word comes with great trepidation, for the hour rises with the enemy wanting to knock out your households. Please note, that whatever is coming, as a prophet, I go through it before you go through it. It has been a time of much trial in my own household and now, we come through it – but it came with a lot of prayer from others, and intercession. This is a time for the body to reach out and receive prayer, one for another, in order to be strengthened.
Bless you dear friends. Ask the Lord to show you where to be and what to do in this great hour. Ask other believers to pray for you. Then, apply the blood of Jesus to your homes, your families, and your friends.
Dana Peters-Colley