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Below, you will read about the dream that the Lord sent to me. God speaks in metaphors, and from the dream and interpretation, you can see several things. The first is that the Lord wants us to pray for God to clean the White House from all demonic strongholds. This is critical for the future residents who reside in the office of President. The second thing you will notice is that the family living in the White House is getting ready to move out of this house. The third thing that the Lord revealed in this dream is that America is not buying the middle-eastern “furniture.”  This would indicate that America is refusing what is being offered.
There was a house that I was off to the side of. It had many different shapes and designs to each part of the house, as if it was put together by a different design as each room was built. Some of the shapes of the design were from the east, some were from the west. It was really ugly to me, but very wealthy. People suddenly showed up – and there was a man leading – and he looked middle-eastern. He was a mover. The people who lived in the house came but they got out of the way. The man moved all the furniture out onto the street and he came up and offered it to me for $50. The furniture was nice, but there was nothing I wanted or needed, so I turned him down.
Then, I was inside the house, and there were great collections on the walls. In the room I was in, there were so many that you couldn’t make out the wall, it was filled with so much. Then, I glanced and in the other room, there was a wooden carved image, and it was the back of a man, and it was a sexual image and it was very wrong looking, so I looked away and didn’t want anyone to go into that room.
The house dream  - each part of the house had a different component –  this is the enemy over America – the enemy brings furnishings out on the street and this is Obama – his plans are being placed on the street – it’s a good plan but no one is buying what he’s selling. Inside, the house – much has been collected and stored up – you see into another room – an idol – the sexual lust demon is displayed in that room – this is an old, dark spirit – sexual perversion in the White House – this is the demon that has set itself up inside the gates – but you see the way I am going to deal with this. You are seeing the demonic inside the house – there are many collections but the family is moving – but the collections are staying – pray for the enemy to be removed from the house or it will again set up to destroy the people. This is the command to you- ask people to pray for God to clean the house – for the Lord to sweep through the White House and clean her from what has been residing and is wrong. If enough people pray, I the Lord will do this thing. Now go.
In my studies, the Lord has shown me the enemies that would come in and destroy Kings. Power, pleasures, passion, praise and popularity: these things attempt to take leadership and shift its direction for the good and sway it toward the enemy. Remember, we are instructed that we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against principalities. The Lord was revealing a principality that is in our White House and the command is to pray for God to clean the house.  Please join me in this prayer.