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I had a dream where I was traveling with my husband and he was performing with a secular band, and asked for his food to be saved for later. I was unable to get any food there – and a man walked with me as there were people in line for the show, and also political leaders standing there, mingling with the crowd.
Additionally, in my real life, awhile back, one of our cats was using a large synthetic but beautiful palm tree that I have in my living room, digging away the many large and many sharp shells I put in there to block her, as a place to lay waste. We removed the waste – but the Lord had recently told me to take out 4 inches of the sand, and wash and clean off all of the shells in the planter.  
This morning the Lord had me get this effort ready, before He would talk to me and interpret the dream. I knew that a palm tree stands for righteousness. Deborah would give judgment underneath a palm, and I realized that the Lord had me put this palm into my house for the same reason. A beloved animal had come and desecrated this place. God was using it as a metaphor for what has happened to America.
You see how you have no anointing in John’s (my husband) world of work. (He is in entertainment).The enemy sees you as a threat to his kingdom. You also saw where politics also played a hand – these two kingdoms must be torn down says the Lord. They must crumble and fall.
The ways of the people are shifting. The prayers of the righteous have gone up “save our sons and daughters”, “save our land”, “save America, God” – and so I the Lord am taking the high places and the towers and the buildings and they will crumble before I the Lord am finished. I am crumbling, crumbling what was and I am bringing what is new. The big corporations that took advantage, they are rubble. The big men who try and control too much – they are being devoured and destroyed.  
It is not business as usual. I allow the little man to find new ways, to find a way to sing and to dance. You no longer need the big because I the Lord empower the small.
Sarah Palin- she hears Me, she listens. Mike Huckabee is the same. I have put their voices out there to call the masses to arise against what I the Lord will destroy. I am taking it down. I am taking each part apart and building from scratch.
The Church must take her place. She must arise now or she, too, will fall in to the hands of the enemy.( A certain man the Lord told me would fall.)  You cannot call yourself mine and then, deny Me says the Lord. You have prayed My will be done – and not for this thing that I now do – but stand, stand and see that I am the Lord God Almighty. I raise up. I stand up. I build and I destroy.
This generation has polluted the land. They have taken and devoured what I the Lord have put together as My promised land, filled with My promised people. No longer will entertainment stand and devour the people. They cry to Me – even the ones who do not know Me – they cry to me, as the enemy ravages them and shreds them and tears them to pieces. I will destroy this enemy. I will devour the one who does this to My people. The towers and the buildings they will crumble. The earth will be shaking and falling. This is a NOW word.

Get ready O Jerusalem. Get ready for you will be restored and loved and expanded despite what the enemy tries to do or say against you. Your priorities must be My priorities says the Lord – the shift that’s been coming to the earth – the shift it now comes with even greater force – it comes with even greater strength – watch and see what I now do says the Lord – for it will tumble what is and replace it with what will be.

You now see the semblance of what you do – you see that I the Lord am bringing righteousness back – your palm tree was desecrated by your cat and it was cleaned out – but the sand is defiled just as the land is defiled in America. You will take out the shell and wash and clean them – these are my people says the Lord – but 4 inches of sand must be removed then, destroyed what I am going to do will go deep – you will take it out – and I will now, in coming months, take out and destroy what is vile and what has devoured My people.

Get ready. It will shake. I t will fall. Many are going to crumble as I take My next assault for the children to cry to Me, they call My Name and ask Me to help them grow up – they just want to grow up. So, do this thing today – later this morning, as a sign of righteousness restored and buy more shells as a sign that I am bringing many, many more people into the Kingdom of lights.


God’s ways are higher than our ways. He does things symbolically before he does them naturally. The tree and its defilement represent what the enemy – the beloved people who have become God’s enemy. The sand is representative of the land – and it is defiled before God and so, the sand that was under my palm tree (the land under righteousness) had to be removed. God will take away the land.  The shells symbolized God’s people that He wants to be cleaned off and saved. He wanted me to purchase more shells to symbolize how many more people will be saved, washed by the blood of Jesus and cleansed with the water of God’s word.

The two mountains that are going to fall – and this is a NOW word – I seldom get these words – but this is going to come to pass NOW – are the political mountain and the entertainment mountain.

To God be all the glory.

Dana Peters-Colley

The shells I washed representing people being
washed by the blood and by the Word of God.