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Get ready – much is now coming into the atmosphere. It’s going to get very strong now – sweeping strong and the hour is now coming when the people will not recognize what I the Lord am going to do. Winds are going to blow – the wind of deception has been blowing strong but a new wind – a new wind will blow and they will say no it can’t be true and it will be Me says the Lord.
Make sure you are standing on solid ground says the Lord. Make sure you have found Me and My ways are in you and you are staying on solid ground – for the deception that has deceived nations has been swirling – a long time it has been doing this – but I the Lord am getting ready to break this deception off from the people – and their eyes will be opened – a great opening now comes.
Heaven will now prevail – heaven will come down and encounter the earth and it will be a large opening that will shift how things in the earth proceed from here on out – and as this occurs the leadership will not know what to do. They will not understand that I am pulling apart their web – I am plucking the large deceptions and they will be cast down and I will break this web of deception that tries to take My people says the Lord.
Do not despair O Israel. Do not believe the threats against you O Council of God’s first and chosen Son. There are many who have fallen but I place others and new ones who see Me and say that is the Lord God Almighty in the earth – they will see Me – Jesus. They will see me and My ways says the Lord.

As I had this revelation pouring down on me from heaven, and God spoke about what the world’s leadership looked like, I saw a large spider web inside of a room, and on this web were black insects that were there, still, like rocks and they were pulled off and cast down to the ground, then, the web was being destroyed, it was being torn up by the hand of God.
Please note what the instruction is: make sure you are standing on solid ground. Make sure you get into the Word of God and stand on what it says over what you are experiencing, because it does not move when the winds of any kind of adversity blow.
God is using this wind as He opens heaven for a great move of God to come – a great opening from heaven now comes – and if we are standing and not being blown by what is shifting in the earth, we will prevail.