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The Lord came to me this morning and gave me a Word – this Word reaches to all the nations, to all the peoples and He will not hold back anything in this time. Therefore, it is a time to be prepared.
I had a vision and in the vision I saw myself – where I had reached a position on God’s holy mountain – and it had been a rocky and treacherous climb to get to the height that I had reached. There was a cloud, a mist, a fog that covered the entire mountain, but above me, high, high up on that mountain was a castle. I could only see glimpses of the castle, I could see it and I knew God was there. It was where He resides and conducts His affairs in the great affairs that are on earth.
Then, an enemy army – a force came and threw me off that mountain and it took great force but I was struck down, and I had something I was carrying, a torch – a torch of fire – a way to light the way – I was carrying this torch – and I managed to hold onto it – I did not let go no matter what the enemy did to me. I was pushed into the lake of fire, I was pushed and shoved, and it was with a great force and a great amount of darkness that pushed me, this one believer, into the lake, but I managed to hold my right arm up and carry this torch that I had been given.
Slowly, slowly, slowly I made my way back out from that dripping, disgusting, dark gray above of water that was so vile it dripped darkness. I made my way out, and crawled on my face back up the sharp rocks, up the base of the mountain. I continued crawling, continued to carry this torch I’d been given back up to where I was in my position.
I had returned to my place but now the enemy could not move me. I managed to obtain a necklace around my neck through this battle. The name of the medal on the necklace was virtue. I had obtained virtue through the battle, even though the enemy had wanted to destroy me.
Now, I was again standing at the place I had secured previously. I was up on God’s holy mountain and I was standing on a rocky path, but the cloud of God’s presence was so thick that I stood and did not move because I could fall to my death.  I could see the castle, occasionally, in glimpses, as the cloud and fog and mist moved.  I could only move as the Lord opened the cloud and showed me just where to go because it is treacherous to be up this high. This is why it took Moses so long to come down. He had to follow God’s every direction, every move as he came up, and as he came down. The tablets were given to him this way. The words of instruction came to him this way. This was the way that God had chosen to reveal His secrets to the prophets, and it has not changed since the beginning of time.
There is a price to pay. There is a fee for the anointing. For those that pay the price, and receive the mantle, God has much to give and pour out. Many will turn back and many will fall, says the Lord, for the hour ahead is going to become one of greatness and victory for the body of Christ, as well as one of great despair in the earth.
This is why I am instructed to release a Word from the Lord to you at this time.
This is an hour of great tribulation. Great tribulation is coming for the earth shakes and she throws off what has been placed on her – like a scab or a lesion – she shakes off what does not belong. It is not a time to question My authority but to listen for My voice says the Lord.
You must stay in your position.
You must arm yourself.
You must secure rations.
You must share your food.
But the hour of the Bride approaches. The ten virgins are in the court of the Almighty. You will know them by their oil. The call to the nations is Do you have your oil? Do you have your oil? It’s raining down from heaven. It’s pouring into the earth. As the oil comes – things get messy. As the oil comes – everything will change.  For I follow the oil – and I am an all consuming fire says God.
I will destroy. I will raise up. My Son will light the way and He is the only way in. There is no other. There is no one else. I am the only way says the Lord. It is going to get bloody. It is going to get very bloody in the earth – and people will not know what hit them.
Tell the body – much is coming. Tell the body – get ready and get your oil – press in – press in – for now is the hour of tribulation in the earth. Those not standing on the Rock – My Son – they will be swept aside. The winds blow. The hour shakes everything that is. Prepare my people – for I the Lord come! Prepare and ready for Me, says the Lord. Now go.