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The Lord gave me a very strong Word to release today for America. Please read the Word below, and send this to anyone you feel would be led to receive this Word. Blessings to you as you prayerfully consider this Word from the Lord.
This is an American Word – a righteous Word for America
Now there is a time and a season of shifting coming to the body of Christ.
O Church you must get your armor attached you must get your helmets on. You must bear down in your place of assignment and get ready for when I the Lord take you up, raise you into position, you will need to be ready – a dangerous season approaches – a dangerous hour now comes where the enemy believes he has deceived you but I the Lord say not My son, not My daughter – things will begin to fall off of you, priorities are beginning to come to you now as never before.
O Church – look at what I am placing before you says the Lord – Look and then look no more – the hour of your deception is over and if you hold on and do not release from your clutches the things you have held onto, it will be taken from you, and your fingers with it – You must put all of your fears on the altar, you must burn up what is not Me, says the Lord – For there is a violent shift coming – a violent and forceful shift that will cause a destruction of the former things so that new things can be brought to you – If you are carrying the things of the past, how can I the Lord give you things of the future, says the Lord.
Who can carry My mantle? Who can hold and wield My power, says the Lord. Only those who are righteous, only those who are yielded, only those with a hunger in their heart to serve Me, says the Lord. Get ready the hour is NOW. And it comes NOW. This is a NOW Word and do not be deceived. I the Lord am not mocked. Look at what you carry in your hands and if you hold things – any thing that I the Lord did not give you – lay it down – for NOW is the season of new beginnings and the less you have the more you can carry.  
Now go.
The Lord rarely gives me strong NOW words – but this one is clear:  We must get ready for a great shift is NOW COMING and it will turn our lives into the direction the Lord wants us to go in. If we only have what the Lord has given us, rather than the works of our own hands (this would include our own desires, our own way of doing things, our own directions, as well as anything we know isn’t Him) – if we have these things in our lives as this shift comes NOW to the body of Christ, we will not be able to RECEIVE WHAT GOD WANTS TO GIVE US. God is getting ready to pour out assignments, mantles, directions, decisions, and an increase into the earth as has never before come – but we as the body of Christ, and the believers in His Cause must align NOW for His plans and purposes. If we do not do this, we may lose what our loving God would like to give to us. If there are desires you have, if there are things you know God has prepared you for, then, ask the Holy Spirit to show you any area of fear in your life you need to give to Him, and any thing God wants to you lay down NOW so that you can receive ALL God wants to give you NOW.