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Dana Peters-Colley, 9-21-09
As I prayed early this morning, and received a visitation from the Lord, He brought to my thoughts  two dreams that I had this morning.  The second dream is a corporate word for the American church. In the dream, a neighbor’s daughter would not let me use their rest room, and then, I was standing in a kitchen we shared and right down the tile of the kitchen, there was a line where it was their side and my side.  I thought that John and I were going to have to build a fence along that line, right in the middle of the kitchen.
There is a separation between good and evil. There is a line – you cross over to release what is poison inside you but cannot use that – the Church is going to become very divided – where they eat – the Church it’s now going to become very divided- so get ready to stand for righteousness. The body will be split in two – the deceived who want to serve their gods – greed, lust, materialism (there are many). It deceives them and the line is drawn. You will have a line drawn between your house O satan and My House says the Lord. I will sweep and I will smite for I now get ready to purge the land from its iniquity. Those who went their way and did not heed My call again and again – they now come under condemnation says the Lord – for I will not tolerate rebellion any longer. This is what the Lord says to the nation. Get ready. A great purging comes like never before – you are either for Me or against Me. A house divided cannot stand but I will sweep through and My ways are higher than yours and I will make the winds tremble against what does not listen or heed My Voice. Now go.
Please pray that the Lord would complete this with the least amount of wrath necessary. Please pray God’s mercy over our brothers and sisters in the body of Christ, and that they would turn from their other gods swiftly and be reunited with the Lord. Please pray that the enemy would not deceive them but that they would return to the Lord.
I kept seeing the point when Moses returned and Israel had worshipped the golden calf, and God did not destroy them for Moses brought God’s promises back to Him to remember what He had said, and God  visited their sin upon them. Exodus 32.
Thank you for your prayers.