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Dana Peters-Colley, 9-08-09
Overnight – the whole world is going to shift on its ear over night and I am going to raise kingdom things up quickly – I am going to use the chaos that I the Lord have unleashed in order to turn the hearts of men in My direction. You will know this – what I do – you will know this because the acceleration comes now – everything is coming faster – every single thing – layer upon layer, precept upon precept.
It’s going to get very big – and you are going to be handed some keys – very big keys – to open some doors – very big doors – and it is going to shift some big things in the earth. The door is opening now- for one will open – there are 3 doors in the earth I am now going to open. This one’s name is SURRENDER.  The door of SURRENDER is now opening. It’s going to open wide – and people will start surrendering their lives in a greater way over to Me. The level of surrender that now comes – in all the earth – the surrender that now comes – surrendered hearts – people are going to start coming into the kingdom in droves –
I have been telling the body to get the nets ready – you don’t want to catch the fish and then, lose the fish – so there has been a preparation to get things ready – no more church as usual – but church as it’s never been before – so many are coming – so many are going to be released from their bondages – and so the church across the world – and the church across the nation of the U.S. and Canada is now shifting. Preparation in every body I have on earth has felt this heightened sense of getting ready for what is coming.
I have used dryness, agony, pain, emptiness, loneliness, so many things have been allowed – not because I don’t care – I do care – but because they have to face their own giants before they can face the giants in someone else. Some have grown way up in the Spirit and come through this – and there are big rewards coming for those who I am going to used in this next wave – THE WAVE OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD- this is the name you are to give – THE WAVE OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD is coming to the earth.
The first door is surrender. My ways are higher. My waves are deeper. My water is stronger. You O earth cannot stand against Me – I laugh at what you try and the sense you make of My signs says the Lord. It is rubble before Me.  I have spared you because of My promise to Abraham. My promises are true and I will not be mocked – but the hour now comes when a sweeping wind will face the earth – and a new days comes – so open the door, open the door. I give you the key – unlock the door.
(Then, in a vision, I had giant keys in my hands – and one of them unlocked a large, thick, ancient wooden door – and fish, so many fish – which represented people – so many fish filled the room- they were in a large, large pile – as tall as a man – this large pile of fish was in the room. They stood there wiggling before me).
Now, I the Lord give you the body of Christ instruction. Ask them to come in – invite them to come – Ask the fish to come – pray and ask the fish to come – be led by the Spirit – and ask the fish to come. You are going to see the Greatest Awakening the earth has ever seen. You are going to see the hour come and the shift amass – do not think I have not heart your cries O America – do not think you have been lost or forsaken O loves of My soul. It is because of your prayers – it is because of your cries – that I the Lord answer now the call- to bring back your sons and daughters across the land. It’s going to change the face of the American church. This is a now word. Now go.