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I the Lord am getting ready to halt things from moving forward until they move forward in Me  - a global word – there is going to be a quickening and it’s going to be swift. Swift says the Lord and it comes so strongly – so deeply – so wide. The hour is going to come where nothing will stop. Nothing that I the Lord put into the earth is going to slow down the acceleration for the times are now dear to Me – dear to Me says the Lord because each man, each woman gets chosen and the chosen get chosen – for I am the Lord – and the hearts are pounding, the war is raging against what I bring.
The enemy thinks he can take My America but he forgets that I the Lord have the blood – I the Lord have the power – and so you must destroy what is irrelevant in your life – you must get rid of what I am not in – there is no more time America – there is no other place on earth that holds your heritage – you belong to Me says the Lord and now I am going to take you back – I am going to retrieve your daughters. I the Lord will retrieve your sons – and it will sweep and swoon and you will go before me from heaven to earth and I will make you glad again.
Break off from your iniquity. Break off – for the hour in the earth is as a sweeping bomb – she ticks and waits to explode – with what I will do. These are tremendous times. These are hours of greatness. These are moments of glory. These are days of wonder.
The children will come. Will you take them? Will you gather them and place them into your breast – for Me, says the Lord? Get ready for the greatest awakening the earth has ever seen – for I the Lord am getting ready to pour out My Spirit upon all flesh – this is the Word.
Now Go.
Nothing that the Lord is doing
will stop.
God is going to retrieve
the daughters and the sons
in America.
How do you prepare?
Break off your iniquity.
The greatest awakening ever is coming!
August 14, 2009