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      Do you know where you’re going in eternity?
Do you have more questions than answers?
My friend, there are real truths – truths that come from God, and He wants you to know these truths so that you can be free from the pain and difficulties you have lived with. If you grasp the real truth, you can come into the light of all knowledge – and discover what God intended for you.
You see, God is love.
He is perfect and is a Spirit.
He is the only God. There is only One.
He made the Heavens and Earth.
He made you.
He made you for a destiny He had in mind for your life.
The fact you are reading this is because God wants to return your destiny to Him.  He wants you to know Him, and wants you to have a good life, which includes eternal life with Him in Heaven. You see, there are two choices with God:  Heaven is your choice, and so is Hell.  You get to decide. He gives you the free will to choose good or to choose evil.
What will you say to His offer?
From the beginning God made man in His image, but gave man limitations with what he could do. Man chose not to follow God, and entered into evil. At that point, man entered a fallen world – the one we are now living in.
However, God continued to want relationship with men, and found a man that followed a close walk with Him. This man was named Abraham. This man had a son of promise, Isaac, and through Isaac’s descendents came the 12 tribes of Israel. This is how the promise traveled.  It traveled down through generations of a people God selected to walk with Him.
Again, God set up rules to follow and these men failed to stay inside of God’s boundaries.  In fact, out of the 12 tribes of families that came from Abraham’s line, 10 of these 12 families left and went into all of the world. Only two tribes are what we now call the Jewish people.  
What did God do about these lost 10 tribes of Israel? God made a way to retrieve the lost ones. He had promised Abraham that his descendants would be as great as the stars in the sky, and as many as the sand of the seashore. He had always known men would fall, and so, He made a way for men to return to His love.

For God so loved the world that        
He gave His only begotten Son
that whosoever believes in Him should not perish,
but have everlasting life.                                   
For God sent not His Son into the world
to condemn the world, but that the world
through Him might be saved.                
John 3:16-17

You probably have heard about Jesus – but this was His purpose. He came to save you. God gave what He loved most, His Son, so that you could get right with God and have everlasting life in Heaven.  
Do you want to be saved?
Getting saved is very simple.  God made it very easy for you – but you must be sincere and honest.  You must say these words from your heart:
1) God, I have made mistakes. I have made choices that I know were wrong – I am sorry. Please forgive me.  
Now, believe that God would do such a thing – send His Son – a Son that was created by God’s power, to give you a new life here, and an everlasting life that you will live with God in Heaven forever.
2) Jesus, I believe that you are the only begotten Son of God.  I believe you came and died for my sins. I believe you were raised from the dead, and stand at the right hand of God to free me.
Now, You ask Him to come into your heart, and receive that you are saved.
3) Please save me Jesus, Yeshua, the Messiah.
By your sincere and truthful confession, you are now saved.  It is such a simple act, yet if you are sincere and honest, God has heard you and He will lead you.
Directions for a Successful Life
Get into a body of believers, other Christians who will support the new way you will live.
Read your Bible every day, as God’s word will teach you and lead you.
Pray – begin to talk to the Lord, as your best friend, share your heart with Him, your pain and your troubles with Him. He hears you.
Pray and ask the Lord to fill you with the Holy Spirit.  Listen to the little checks you feel inside, and let the Lord lead you into good things.