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Jan. 5, 2009 ONE WORD - Gallup
I want to share a story with you at the marvelous way our Lord works. While we were still in California, I heard the word Gallup. I told John we were supposed to go to Gallup. He, of course, nodded  his head, as his wife tells him all sorts of things and he puts them on the shelf.
After seeing my father to deal with some details in L.A., we headed out through the mountains and into a storm. We went through light rain, some snow, and then, got through Flagstaff, Arizona where there was some good snow coming down. When we reached the desert, John decided that we needed to stop and stay overnight in Winslow, Arizona. Believe me, the most that's in Winslow, Arizona is that Eagles song - no wonder Glen Frey was so happy the girl was going to pick him up. There was no snow there, and we thought we were out of it.
We were about 2 hours from Gallup, New Mexico - and I thought okay, maybe I missed God.
The following morning, at 6:30 a.m., I discovered that the storm had followed us and we were sitting in several inches of snow. I pushed, I shoved, and by 7:30 a.m. we were on the road. However, by the time we reached Gallup, our situation got worse. John wanted to drive right out and keep going but after seeing three cars that spun out into the snow, he decided that yes, indeed we needed to stay in Gallup, New Mexico.
We both decided that it being Sunday, God just wanted us to have a Sabbath. We stayed at a nice hotel, grabbed a great dinner, and rested.
However, God was still at work.
That night, I decided I wanted to get some peanut m&m's from the vending machine. John decided he'd go with me. Ciara added to our twosome. We headed downstairs, lost money in the vending machine, got candy, got money back and sat in the lobby. John, being Mr. Friendly met an older couple who were driving from Minnesota and drove for hours at 20 miles an hour until they reached our hotel. John finished his nice visit and came over to our table.
Then, the man and his wife began to go to their hotel room, and started on their way. Suddenly, the man slumped over against the back of a couch and yelled out for John to help her because she couldn't hold him up. John rushed over and the man was unconscious. He was slumped back and his eyes rolled back in his head. They got him to the floor.
The wife exclaimed that he had previously had a heart attack. John began pushing on his heart, to save him. He had lost all color in his face, and he was gone, there sprawled on the floor. I came along side and asked if I could pray on him. The wife nodded, as she was somewhat in shock. Suddenly, he moved, and then, color was restored to his face. He began moaning, as John continued to press on him to keep his heart going.
The attendants at the front desk were beside themselves. I called out that they needed to call 9-1-1, which they promptly did. The wife was in shock. Emergency units were on their way. John continued pressing again and again on the man's chest to keep him alive. They asked if he was on any medication. He was. The wife didn't know what the name of the medicine was.
The man now seemed to be breathing better. A man came up and asked John if he had checked his pulse. John said no. If he has a pulse, he said to John, he'll be okay. John checked and he had a pulse. The man disappeared.
I told the woman we needed to get the medication and her purse. She needed to go with her husband to the hospital - and with the snow and her condition, she should not drive. She appreciated the help. However, she didn't have the room key and so, they had to make her another one.
The paramedics and police arrived. The man was put on the gurney and wheeled away into the emergency vehicle. His wife joined him.
It was over.
John went upstairs. I stayed. The young woman from the front desk thanked me for being there. Then, she made a confession. This had just happened several days before with one of their co-workers. He didn't make it. They were grieving at the front desk because it had happened to someone else and it ended in tradegy.
I prayed with the young, beautiful Spanish Indian looking front desk clerk who had a small but lovely silver cross around her neck. I prayed for her friend, and their coworkers, and the Ramada Inn, in Gallup, New Mexico. She was comforted and thankful that God had sent someone to help her.
That was all that was spoken.
One word.
Our God speaks to us, to our hearts, to our minds, and He just says one word and knows every thing that will ever happen.
We must all remember to listen for that one word, trust that one word, and rest in the knowledge that God knows exactly what He is talkiing about.
We can rest in the fact that all things work together for the good of those who know their God.
Bless you and thank you for your prayers on our behalf.