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  Jan. 14, 2009 Urgent Dream About Israel

I awoke at 5 this morning with a dream and an interpretation from an angel about Israel. I have been released to send this out to the body of Christ. Please send this to as many believers as you can, as these prayers are urgent over Israel.


I entered a room, There were little kids - one or two and then, an Arab boy entered, too. The first two little brothers had a cookie and the Arab boy had a piece of stale white bread (unleavened, or a flour tortilla). The little Arab boy went to sleep on the floor.

There were many adults in the room, but all of their backs were to these children in the back of the room. The younger brother gave cookie to the little Arab boy who had fallen asleep on the floor - but the older Arab brother came and took it back.

There was a looming dog that might attack the sleeping Arab boy - but the brother, who was about 7, said no that wasn't the danger to the sleeping Arab boy. The danger was the Arab adults in the room - those large and looming adults were facing away would kill the sleeping boy for receiving the sweet offering from the Jewish boy. 


This is Hamas. The dilemma of the children of Israel. The people in the room - they face away from Me - worshipping other gods. They do not care for the two little Arab boys - they were not their concern - so these children must tend to themselves. There is an older brother here, Palastine and the younger brother, Refugee. Refugee eats the bread he's been given but grows weary of the situation so he lays down to sleep. The Jews give Refugee sweet offerings but he cannot keep them without being destroyed by the surrounding Arab nations. They will turn on him and kill him for it. The dogs waiting - this is Hamas - waiting to chew on whoever lays down. 

This is the dilemma you see on the news.

Ask the people to pray for Me to enter the room. Ask for the Jesus Christ, the Lord, to enter the room.

My people Israel have been triggered by the dogs after attempting to give sweet cookies (they were chocolate chip cookies in my dream, which are my favorite cookies). Every cookie Israel gives provokes the dogs and the surrounding family of these people. Ask the people to pray that I would come in to the save the children from their plight but the hour draws near when the whole atmosphere in the room will change. But let us focus on these two brothers - Palestine and Refugee. Pray that Israel will be wise and not offer any more cookies to her enemies and that the dogs will be slaughtered. Pray that the nations surrounding her will not turn and destroy their own children in their rage against Israel.

These are important hours and your prayers avail much, oh people of the Covenant.

Now go.

Send this to as many believers as you can. Please pray for Jesus Christ to come into the room.