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Yesterday, I awoke with a dream that was very timely for what our nation. I will tell you, when I get these dreams that come most every morning, often I have no idea what they mean. Then, I sit down in the early hours with the Lord and they are revealed to me, and I have the ahaa! moments with God that are amazing as He sends an angel to give me revelation of what their meaning truly is.
There was a baseball film that I was in the midst of its production. It might have been based on the 1930s - and there was a pitcher who made a miraculous pitch - and so, there needed to be a decision as to whether the pitch was good or not. There were about five men and they each had to determine what had happened and if they would honor what was happening.
The pitcher was in a spot - it was a dangerous place he was personally in - and so, they found him trying to escape and hide. If was as if everything hung on whether or not he had made the pitch. So, he was trying to leave - but then, there were five people that had to judge about the truth of the matter.
There was a character actor, and I was in front of him and he had a beard, a full beard. He was really good and was going to play many roles in this movie that was being done.
Each judge had a story - and 2 had determined whether or not it had been the truth.
I could see crooks in the midst of this - and so, there was a white man who I knew was crooked - but I did not know if he would make the right choice or not. There was a huge weight on the situation. This was the core of the story. The choice of this man who had been corrupt but was given the opportunity to judge if the truth had been told. Then, the story completely shifted, as movie stories often do. You would call the judge the A story. The next part of the movie would be called the B story.
In the B story, there was a little boy and he was out in an ocean. I knew it wasn't safe out there. There were waves breaking steadily and strongly in this ocean. It was a clear summer day. The boy was of a tender age, maybe 6 or so, and he had yellow hair and was pure and beautiful to behold. He had a raft and the ocean tide was low - he could go way, way out into the ocean but he shouldn't have been out there all by himself. A wave came and dumped him over. There was an older boy that appeared and brought the younger boy in. The older one told the younger one not to go out into the ocean.
Then, both stories came together. I suddenly knew that the corrupt judge was the father of the little boy. I knew if the corrupt judge lied about the pitch in the game, the judgment would fall upon his son and he would go
back out into the ocean and he would be destroyed. The character actor suddenly was there, and told me he was now an "item". This actor was so good that I knew he was playing a lot of parts.

The Lord spoke to me and said, "This is America's story - the pitch has been made to America. The persecution of those who tell the truth about Me (this is what the story is about). The church is hiding and now there are five judges. Each is of a race, or a color. The white man - the judge - you know is corrupt - we wait to see how he decides - will he step away from his corruption? Does he realize his own son - that if he doesn't tell the truth and vote according to My ways, the future of his golden-haired son will be at stake?
Protection comes and tells the boy not to go out again into My ocean (this is the older boy in the B story).
But we wait to see what will come of the boy - how will his father vote?
Truth comes (he is the character actor) He plays many parts in this movie and he has much strength. That is why his face is bearded. You won't know what character truth will play in this unfolding story.
PRAY FOR THE JUDGE - that he will rightly judge that he will walk away from his corruption in America.
Added note: notice the time of the film in the dream - the 1930s - the depression - notice that this is an economic dream - but also one of critical urgency for our nation.
I was able to release this dream. Please send it out to anyone you know will receive this word, and pray against the corruption of America, and the