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Dana Peters-Colley
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Your donations and product purchases
help us
do the work of the ministry.

Your tax deductible donation will help us to help others.
Sad to say, but ministry costs money. It takes resources
to go and spread the Gospel, to give books to those who
need to hear God’s words, and to preach and prophesy.
It takes money to feed children, to create television shows
and run websites.We are following Jesus as He leads us
into this great hour. We are going with or without your help
but a simple kingdom principle is that when you sow you
will reap. Pray and ask the Lord if you are to sow here.
If you are led to do so, please purchase product or make
a donation. There’s so much more we can do if we unite
Sea Ministries, Inc. is a prophetic tool of the Lord.
Your sowing into this ministry assures that the Gospel
of Christ can be carried forth into all the nations.

Dana Peters-Colley and her team are going
forth to carry the call of God on their lives.
Dana is called into prophetic ministry, teaching and
preaching wherever she goes. She is writing books
for the body of Christ, and is providing prophetic words
at all levels: to individuals, to ministries, to Churches, and
to the nation and world. Dana has an assignment to healing,
and to work to spreading the truth about God’s word, and
a love to save and protect children.

Sea Ministries doesn’t look like other ministries, but has
safeguarded itself with pastorial covering in its Board of
Directors, and Spiritual Advisors to assure it stays on
course with the direction God wants, and to be accountable
with its resources. Dana Peters-Colley is an ordained
Minister, under John Derr Ministries in Muskogee, Oklahoma.
We are a 501 3 ( c ) tax deductible organization. We will not
waste your donation but will honor it as it is the Lord’s.

We also tithe and our tithe is currently going to Pastors who
are reaching those for salvation, and especially to Iris Ministries.
Send to: Sea Ministries
P.O. Box 315 Franklin, TN 37065